Eat tortillas and save the environment, too

Although I’m Cuban, I love lots of different Latin American foods. Food is one of the best ways to experience how we all connect and yet are unique. And Mexican food is some of my favorite!

I love exploring Mexican food on vacation trips to Los Angeles, trying to find the best Mexican restaurant in New York City and even cooking it at home. My favorite dishes are ones that contain the traditional, simple and delicious tortilla. And as someone who also tries to live a more sustainable life, I was thrilled to learn that Mexican scientists have cooked up an environmentally friendly tortilla.


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The new kind of tortilla is more nutritious, helps osteoporosis, slows the aging process and helps fight obesity, according to Mexico’s Center for Advanced Research and Studies. So how did they achieve this miracle, exactly? According to the Latin American Herald Tribute:

“A team led by Juan de Dios Figueroa Cardenas, of Cinvestav’s unit in Queretaro, developed an environmentally friendly method for producing tortillas from gourmet corn that have a high nutritional content and double the shelf life without increasing the price of the final product, the center said.”

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Plus they are low in pollutants, have double the fiber of a traditional tortilla and also contain a high amount of calcium. Amazing news? I think so! Now I just have to wait for when they’ll be available for purchasing.

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Are you more likely to buy tortillas that are eco-friendly and healthier for you?

Image via John Donaghy/flickr