6 favorite Latino-inspired Iron Chef battles

When Latin fusion chef Jose Garces became the first Hispanic Iron Chef to join the Food Network’s Iron Chef America, it was a great moment for our food. Recently, he had a huge win against contemporary Spanish chef Alexandra Raij in Battle Tortillas and Tequila.

But this isn't the only Iron Chef battle inspired by our food or featuring chefs who are experts in our cuisine. Here are some of our other favorite episodes.

  1. In Season 2, Latin American cuisine expert Aarón Sanchez faced off against original Iron Chef Masaharu Morimoto in Battle Black Bass, resulting in the only tie (45-45) with the Japanese food expert, after wowing the judges with dishes like Tacos de Pescado Frito.
  2. Morimoto lost another Latino-inspired battle in Season 4 to Southwestern gourmand Tim Love (48-47) in Battle Chiles. The “cowboy chef” beat out the chef with his expert use of the japaneño chile in dishes like the Roasted Jalapeño Margarita.
  3. Season 4 also saw Bobby Flay facing against Modern Spanish extraordinaire José Andrés in Battle Goat. Chef Andrés took home the coveted title (55-48) after ending with a Goat Milk Sorbet with Red Wine.
  4. Bobby Flay’s second Latino foods loss (50-49) came at the hands of the man who would become an Iron Chef himself, Modern Spanish and Latin American expert Jose Garces in Season 6’s Battle Melon. Garces won with dishes like Melon con Jamon.
  5. As an Iron Chef himself, Jose Garces faced off against Mexican food chef Julian Medina in Season 9’s Battle Mexican Chocolate. Garces won by a scratch (72-71) thanks to dishes like Mexican chocolate linguine.
  6. Finally, the recent Season 10 win (83-66) in Battle Tortillas and Tequila between Iron Chef Jose Garces, teamed up with mixologist Tony Abou-Ganim versus Alexandra Raij, paired with mixologist Charlotte Voisey, with pairings like Corn Soup with Cucumber Cooler.

What is your favorite Iron Chef America win for Jose Garces or one of our Latino chefs?

Image via XOZ (The Real XOZ)/flickr