Ice, snow and plummeting temperatures are something you prepare for during the winter months: by taking out your kids’ heavy coats, adjusting your beauty routine, having your home´s heating system cleaned thoroughly and getting your car checked for optimum performance in the cold days.



¨Getting my car checked?¨ you wonder.  Maybe you thought vehicle safety would be better left for the guy in your life, but it´s about time you show him you´re not intimidated by cars, and that you´re well prepared to take care of this investment on wheels as much as you do your family´s safety when you travel in it.

The first thing you can do to stay out of harm's way during the winter is to make sure you’ve got a reliable vehicle, like the Chevy Equinox, with traction control and anti-lock brakes, which helps you drive more safely even in winter weather.  Also, think preventative maintenance and have a few essentials handy to help your car weather the next few months beautifully and safely:  A first aid kit is a must no matter the time of the year, as are jumper cables to get you going if your battery is not. Remember to keep warm blankets in case you get stuck (water and food should be brought on bigger trips for the same reason). Other important winter must-haves are snow and ice remover, windshield scraper, flashlight and a fully charged phone (never leave home without it!). Your hubby can thank you for being prepared in case of emergencies, and you can thank me later for these tips that will give you peace of mind and something to work with if you get stuck (hopefully not), in bad weather!