Honestly, I'm not sure that I know any mom who isn't a handyman ... or shall we say handywoman. Something breaks, mamá finds a way to fix it. Something needs sprucing up, mamá finds a way to spruce it up.

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Mom wants more shelves for storage, she can either wait around, pay for someone else to do it, or do it herself exactly the way she wants it.

I've never made, fixed, put together, or installed as many things as I have since becoming a mom. It's not that I couldn't  use help or that I don't have help available, it's more that I need what I need ASAP and I'll get to it faster than someone else will.

Becoming handy leads to acquiring a few tools: tools of the conventional kind and also tools in the form of tips and tricks. Here are six great tips and tricks for a mom that is also the handyman.

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Keep your paintbrushes clean and ready 1

Keep your paintbrushes clean and ready

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Little kids mess with walls, which make touch paint touch ups neccessary. Keep your paintbrushes good to go by soaking them in hot vinegar for 30 minutes and then washing them with suds and hot water.


Remember where you keep everything 2

Remember where you keep everything

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I lose my cellphone about 10 times a day and sometimes I can't remember what day of the week it is. It's great to have tools, but it's better if you know where they are at any given moment. Stay organized and aware of where everything is with this great chalkboard labeling idea.


Spice up your storage 3

Spice up your storage

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Don't you just love those magnetic spice storage containers? Well, guess what, they can hold a whole lot of other things too. Get creative and use them for storage.

Muffin tin bins 4

Muffin tin bins

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Got hardware? Got muffin tins? Put them together and you've got muffin tin hardware bins. So clever and useful.


Peanut butter jar storage 5

Peanut butter jar storage

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What ya' doin' with all those empty peanut butter jars your kids are creating? Why not reuse those jars for needed storage?