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Shakira fans go off on Gerard Piqué after he hit her in the face with a ball! (VIDEO)


Helloooo! Sense of humor? That's what I wanted to tell Shakira fans who lashed out at Gerard Piqué for a video that the Colombian singer shared on her Facebook account. You have to see it and then read what some irate fans have said to the football star. In my opinion, it's not that big of a deal!

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Beautiful Brazilian models react to Brazil's UGLY World Cup loss


Brazil's 7-1 loss versus Germany in the World Cup keeps being referred to as a massacre. OUCH! Surely you've seen the hilarious internet memes going around. Perhaps you have some pretty strong feelings about the defeat as well.

Me, I think karma can be a witch (with the "w" switched out for a "b" cause seriously how did Colombia LOSE that game?!), but mostly I am left to wonder how do Brazilians feel about this humiliating defeat? Well, ironically, I found some of the most beautiful women in the world handling their countries UGLY World Cup defeat in devastating ways. Hahaha!

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James Rodriguez: 10 Things you need to know about the Colombian soccer star

james PHOTOS

If you've been watching the World Cup games then you're probably familiar with one name: James Rodriguez. The Colombian soccer star looks like he's fresh out of high school, but don't be fooled by this baby face. At 22 years old, he's led Colombia into the quarter finals for the first time ever and is turning heads everywhere. 

I'm not just talking about his good looks either! In fact, he's a lot more experienced on the soccer field than I expected! In honor of his big game agains Brazil later today, here are 10 things you need to know about the World Cup's star scorer.

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Soccer star Hope Solo arrested for beating up her sister & nephew


U.S. Women's Soccer star and goalkeeper Hope Solo has been arrested and is currently in jail--and you'll never believe why.

Solo lives with her husband, Jerramy Stevens, in Washington state, which is where she plays for the Seattle Reign FC, a professional U.S. soccer women's team. On Saturday morning, Solo was arrested for allegedly assaulting her sister and 17-year-old nephew. Damn, she beat up her own family!

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A complete guide to the World Cup players you can have sex with

The World Cup is finally in full swing and as you cheer on your favorite teams, admit it, you're also checking out the eye candy. Yes, there are many good looking soccer players to go around, except for one thing ladies. Some of them (besides being off the market) are actually being told to ABSTAIN from sex! The reason being the coaches want the players to save their energy for the field.

So which teams are off limits and which are fair game? Read on to find out!

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SEE: Cristiano Ronaldo NUDE with his girlfriend Irina Shayk

June's edition of Vogue España is quite daring: On the front cover, hottie soccer star Cristiano Ronaldo bares it all! The Real Madrid star is on the cover completely nude (yes NUDE!) with his gorgeous girlfriend Irina Shayk. Shayk is wearing a beautiful white bridal gown, but he's totally naked. Did I mention that he's nude already?

Peruvian photographer Mario Testino, one of Shayk's favorites, captured the moment, one of the first times the couple is photographed posing together. And let me tell you, the cover is super sensual. Check out the entire image after the break.

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SEE: Soccer star Iker Casillas finally shows off his adorable baby boy

This past Sunday, Spain celebrated Mother's Day and more than one Latino celeb showed off posting the cutest pictures of their babies. One of them was Spain soccer team's goalie Iker Casillas, who finally shared on social media a picture of his baby's face.

The beautiful little guy was born January 3 in Madrid and I'm sure he's going to make you melt. Look after the break and tell us, does he look like the soccer star or like his journalist mom Sara Carbonero?

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WATCH: Is Shakira's BF Gerard Piqué retiring from soccer?!

I have to admit that my heart skipped a little beat when I saw this picture of Gerard Piqué, the FC Barcelona forward--and better known as Shakira's boyfriend--dressed in a strange uniform. It's not that he's always in his team jersey or anything, but out of the field, I've gotten used to his normal very casual or very formal gear, depending on the event of course. My first thought was: OMG, is he abandoning soccer!? The prospect itself horrifies me!

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Alex Rodriguez scandal: 6 drama-ridden stars who have fallen from grace


New York Yankees baseball star Alex Rodriguez, who is one of the best paid athletes in history, has become the disgraced face of baseball players who use drugs to enhance their performance. But today Major League Baseball punished Rodriguez with the maximum suspension in the history of sports: 211 games, which will carry over until next year.

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Khloe Kardashian's hubby Lamar Odom loses his cool with paparazzi amidst divorce rumors

If you are familiar with the Kardashian family, then you know that Khloe's husband Lamar Odom has made headlines lately for behaving badly. But the reason behind his aggression is because he's rumored to have cheated on his wife--which he has vehemently denied.

Odom had his last straw when two paparazzi photographers pulled up beside him at a red light near his home and intrusively asked him if he cheated on his Kardashian spouse. He denies the accusation and says, "I would never cheat on my wife, that's why I wear my wedding ring." That's when things got nasty as he made his way towards the men, and took one of their camera equipment bags, destroying the contents inside. Wow!

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