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Gael Garcia Bernal's wife smokes weed in front of kids


Most celebrity moms would probably shy away from talking publicly about their affinity for weed…but not Gael Garcia Bernal's wife, Dolores Fonzi. New reports claim that the Argentinean actress and mom of two recently told the magazine THC that she's been smoking marijuana for two decades and even does it in front of her children!

"I've been smoking for 20 years," the 35-year-old said, according to El Mundo. "At the time, I used it to open up and as this has already happened, now I use it to relax. It's like a glass of wine that we taste."  And that's not all she admitted to!

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College preparedness

9 Ways to fund your kids' college education

Whether you have a young child and want to come up with a plan as soon as possible or a teenager for whom college is right around the corner, figuring out how to pay for your kid's education can be an overwhelming task. And with tuition costs steadily rising and federal aid becoming increasingly difficult to acquire, paying for college is a concern that's not likely to go away any time soon. Read on to find out our top tips for making dollars and cents out of it all.

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6 myths about fatherhood, debunked!

Most men and women have a certain idea of what it's like to a good father. But the truth is, adapting to parenthood is different for everyone and there's no one on right way to do so. Unfortunately, there are tons of misconceptions out there about how guys adjust to having babies. Check out a few myths about men and fatherhood you need to know below: 

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WATCH: Dad hilariously learns you just can't reason with babies!

As every parent knows, there's just no reasoning when it comes to dealing with babies. You can't talk them out of crying or waking up in the middle of the night, no matter how hard you might try. Well, it seems one dad recently learnt that important lesson the hard (and hilarious) way.

As can be seen in the super funny clip below, a father gathers laundry from a drying rack that's set up on an outdoor balcony while his toddler stares at him from inside the apartment. As the dad talks to him through the glass doors, the baby (who can't even speak real words yet) babbles back as if trying to convince his dad to let him out on the balcony too. The whole thing is so adorable, it's guaranteed to make you smile. Check it out after the jump!

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SEE: Mom's photographs of baby and dog in matching hats is cutest thing EVER!

When mom and photographer Grace Chon took in her family dog, Zoey, she hoped it would be the start of a beautiful friendship for the pooch and her now 10-month-old son, Jasper.  What she didn't realize is just how close the two would get!

Everything changed when Chon realized that the hats and hoodies she was buying for little Jasper also fit Zoey. She started photographing the adorable duo wearing matching outfits…and let's just say, the rest is history! The resulting series of snapshots, documented on the Tumblr, Zoey and Jasper, is definitely one of the cutest things I've ever seen.  Check it out below!

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Everyday Solutions

SEE: Amazing dad turns ordinary lunches into works of art!

When it comes to packing kids' lunches, most parents stick to easy, no-frills meals. But father Beau Coffron decided to forgo the classic PB&J and go for something much more creative. As can be seen in his blog Lunchbox Dad, Coffron draws inspiration from animated films and beloved children's books to turn ordinary lunches into works of art. And the results are so amazingly adorable, you just gotta see them!


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WATCH: 3-year-old dancing on talent show is cutest thing you'll see all day

Get ready because some major cuteness is headed your way! Meet Zhang Junhao, a 3-year-old from China's Shandong province, who recently blew away the judges on Amazing Chinese--the country's equivalent to America's Got Talent. The toddler's skill? Dancing! Adorable dancing!

As can be seen in the clip below, the little boy performed some amazingly cute choreography, customized to each song in his playlist. And trust me, he's got some serious moves you don't want to miss! Check it out after the jump.

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School bans My Little Pony lunchbox because it belongs to a boy


We teach our children that they should be allowed to express themselves even if it means being different from other kids. Which is why it upset me to learn that a school in North Carolina is preventing a 9-year-old boy from doing just that. Little Grayson Bruce is a big My Little Pony fan.

He loves it so much that he has a Rainbow Flash backpack lunchbox, but his school, a part of Buncombe County Schools, is banning him from carrying it because they say it is a "trigger for bullying." Give me a break!

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8-year-old girl wants to be a boy & mom wants to help her


Imagine if you have a pre-teen daughter who one day tells you she wants to be a boy. How do you respond to a comment this controversial? Elle Wright had to face the reality that her 8-year-old daughter Ruby was not comfortable with her gender and seriously meant it when she told her one day that she wanted to be a boy.

Elle remembers the day that her daughter requested a sex change and being placed in a strange predicament.

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WATCH: Parents perfectly lip-synch 'Frozen' song & daughter is not impressed

Disney's movie Frozen has become a huge hit among parents, largely due to its catchy soundtrack. In fact we've already seen tons of hilarious reprisals of its Oscar-nominated song "Let It Go" on YouTube. But I think this latest rendition of another of the movie's songs, "Love is an Open Door," is my favorite.

As can be seen in the hilarious clip below, it's the parents, not the kids, who are happily lip synching along to the song this time around. In fact, their daughter's reaction to their singing is actually pretty much the opposite of what you'd expect--albeit still priceless. Check it out below!

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