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5 Tips to saving money when buying back-to-school supplies

For parents with a mile-long list, back-to-school shopping is often a dreaded task, especially for those who have more than one kid. Not only will you have to deal with massive crowds, sold-out supplies, and increasingly extensive requests from your child's school, but you're likely already hearing a whole lot of "I wants..."  from your children. So how exactly are you supposed to get all the shopping done without busting your budget? By following our five tips below!

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Vacaciones en familia

7 Unique products that will make traveling with kids a breeze


For lots of families, traveling with kids is a complicated ordeal. Cross-country treks, multi-hour car trips and overnight stays in not-so-familiar places, like the ones that many had to go through during the holidays, are not only crazy, they can seem impossible. But if you accept that these trips will require more time, more planning and a whole lot more luggage, it'll all be easier. That and some of these incredible products that will change the way you travel with kids.

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12 Baby products no mom will ever need


As a mom-to-be, I'm in the process of finalizing my baby shower registry and have been overwhelmed with all of the baby products to pick from. Whether it's for your baby room, bath-time or feeding, there are countless baby items to choose from. I've become an avid reader of product reviews and surveyed my experienced "mami crew" about which baby products are unnecessary. After doing my research, I've come up with this list of the 12 most useless baby products you should avoid buying or registering for. I'm thankful I'm thankful money and storage space won't be wasted on these baby products! I hope you feel the same. 

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10-year-old contacted by dozens of pedophiles using popular tablet app


Parents, did you accidentally give your kids an all-access pass to an international network of pedophiles and perverts for Christmas? If you gifted your kid (or kids) a shiny new tablet or smart phone over the holidays, chances are you probably have. It's an innocent mistake to make, but it could prove incredibly dangerous. Just ask a pair of parents from the U.K. who say more than a dozen pedophiles were able to contact their 10-year-old daughter through her brand new iPad--despite them taking "all sensible safety measures" to protect her.

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10 Super cute ways to track your baby's growth

track PHOTOS

Argh!!! I could kick myself for not being better at documenting my childrens' growth and milestones. I had every intention of being one of those moms that took regular photos of her child especially during the first year in order to document their growth, but I have failed miserably. This is an area where I want you to do as I say and not as I have done, okay? I have some great ideas for tracking your baby's growth.

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Different parenting styles and their impact on our children


There have been many studies on parenting styles and their impact on children.  In the 60s, psychologist Diana Baumrind conducted a study that identified two important parenting factors:  "demandingness" and "responsiveness."  Based on these two aspects, Baumrind came up with three parental styles: authoritarian, permissive (or indulgent) and authoritative. Latinas like me tend to be raised by authoritarian parents while gringas are more likely to be raised by permissive parents.  According to most studies, both extremes have negative effects on children.

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Mom says she loves her dog more than her own son!​


Kelly Rose Bradford insists that she loves her 4-year-old West Highland terrier Matilda more than she does her 11-year-old son William. In fact, she wrote a lengthy and heartfelt editorial--which reads like a love note to her canine companion--for the Daily Mail on the nurturing instincts Matilda inspires in her, how the dog's love is unconditional and her loyalty undying. At first, I questioned whether Bradford's first-person testimonial was strategically designed to create outrage among readers, leading to more online shares of the controversial article, which would, in turn, boost her journalistic profile. So I decided to do some research of my own and, as it turns out, her Twitter feed is brimming with photos of shaggy-haired Matilda while images of William are a rare find. My conclusion: this lady is nuttier than a Payday bar.

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Latina claims Frozen was based on her life, sues Disney for $250 million!


Have you ever watched a movie and thought, "Man, this is the story of my life!"? Probably. But chances are you're not going to launch a multimillion dollar lawsuit against the production company. Because that would be ridiculous, right? Yeah, someone should tell Isabella Tanikumi this, because the Peruvian author just launched a $250 million lawsuit against Disney claiming Frozen plagiarized an autobiography she wrote about, get this, growing up in Peru. Te. Lo. Juro.

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Simply Saludable

Keep your kids' health on track with these 6 tips

Despite the perpetual image of so-called soccer moms carting their over-scheduled kids from soccer to ballet to basketball and back, most children live a rather sedentary life--spending all day in the classroom, followed by hours sitting at a table doing homework and then parked in front of the televison or computer munching on chips and soda. In fact, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, in 2010 more than one third of children and adolescents in the United States were classified as either overweight or obese. But there are steps you can take to make sure you keep your kids' health on track!

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3 Tips that will guarantee your child's success

A recent study revealed that Latino kids are "half as likely to have family members read to them, and a third less likely to be sung to or have stories told to" compared to their white, non-Latino peers. This basically means that Latino kids are starting kindergarten with a clear disadvantage over non-Latino kids who are also more likely to attend preschool!

When my son was diagnosed deaf, his speech therapist gave me three tips that I credit for my son's success. He is now 17.  He is profoundly deaf but uses a cochlear implant to "hear" and he ranks among the top 5% in his high school. I promise you that if you and your family implement these tips from birth through Kindergarten, it will pay off for the rest of their lives!

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