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George Lopez + 8 other Latino celebs who have been arrested


George Lopez is funny, but the way he is treating himself is not funny at all. On Thursday, February 27, he got so drunk that he passed out on a casino floor. I mean face down on the carpet, drunk as funk with his panza hanging out and everything. It happened at the Caesars Windsor casino in Canada where Lopez had performed earlier that same day. Hotel staff alerted the police that the 53-year-old comedian was so borracho he was using the floor to recover. Wait until you see a picture of him on the ground, it's sad.

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Michelle Rodriguez is ready for babies!


By now we all know about Michelle Rodriguez and her new steamy relationship with supermodel Cara Delevingne. They've been spotted being lovey-dovey courtside during basketball games, partying, and even vacationing together. These ladies must be smitten with each other because rumor has it that Michelle think she's "the one" and wants to start a family with her.

Say what?!

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Premio lo Nuestro 2014: A night of celebration, solidarity with Venezuela & stars galore!


The list of nominees for this year's Premio lo Nuestro awards was truly impressive. However, nothing like the live show and the group of amazing stars that came together for what promised to be the fiestón of the year. The night was impressive. And while we're talking about fiestas, who better than Victor Manuelle to open the show with a special salsa performance?

With hosts Ninel Conde and William Levy, tonight's show had, besides elegance and rhythm, a very sensual undercurrent. Despite that, the stars didn't forget to lend an air of solemnity to the night and to show their solidarity with the people of Venezuela. That was the spirit from beginning to end, very emotional and appropriate, and with plenty of awesome surprises. Read on and I'll tell you all about them.

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Premio lo Nuestro 2014: The best dressed stars on the red carpet


Two the most beautiful Latinas in the world of entertainment, Chiquinquirá Delgado and Alejandra Espinoza, were the hosts of tonight's red carpet (well, the magenta carpet!) at #PremioLoNuestro at American Airlines Arena in Miami, Florida. Seriously, who could compete against those two beauties? Although both Delgado and Espinoza looked beautiful, shining from head to toe, the magenta carpet saw the creme de la creme of Latino celebs. Keep reading for some of the most incredible looks of tonight's carpet ....

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Justin Bieber & 8 other celebrities who have fought the law & lost

Is Justin Bieber about to get deported?! After getting arrested early Thursday morning in Miami Beach for allegedly drag racing, driving under the influence and resisting arrest without violence, rumors are flying that the Canadian-born singer could be sent out of the country.

So are we really about to see thousands of heartbroken Beliebers?

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Grammy Awards 2013: See our Latino nominees!


The 56th Annual Grammy nominations are out and looks like competition is fierce this year! From artists ranging from Macklemore & Ryan Lewis to Justin Timberlake, this is definitely going to be an award show to remember. But we can't forget about our amazing Latino artists!

They too are going head to head with the rest of the nominees and let's just say, we think they have a REALLY good chance at winning this year. You heard their songs countless times on the radio and even made sure to download their albums when they dropped. So who were the lucky ones to get nominated this year? Read on to find out!

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Ricky Martin is raising his twins trilingual & now I love him even more!

I've loved Ricky Martin ever since his Menudo days. Not only is he an extremely hot and talented Puerto Rican, but he's also true to himself. And, for the past five years, he's being an amazing dad to his twin boys Matteo and Valentino whom, he recently announced, he is raising in three languages. 

Since I've dedicated the last five years to promoting the benefits of bilingualism, hearing Ricky Martin tell Ellen DeGeneres how his sons speak Spanish, English and French was music to my ears!

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6 Latina stars on losing their virginity

Some celebrities might be tight-lipped about their personal life, but Rosario Dawson is not one of them--at least when it comes to her past! While recently discussing her first-ever role film role in the movie Kids (which centers around teens doing drugs and having unprotected sex), the actress even went so far as to reveal at what age she had lost her virginity in real life! 

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'Dancing with the Stars' recap: Snooki blows judges away, while Christina Milian almost goes home

Tonight's Dancing with the Stars focused on "Hollywood Night" which had an old school feel to classic music. Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi and many of the dancers shocked the judges with their impressive dancing skills by mastering the Charleston, the cha cha cha, ballroom dancing, Paso Doble, and Fox Trot to name a few. 

However as with any talent competition, someone had to go home and parting is such sweet sorrow. So who passed through with flying colors, and who was eliminated? Read on to find out! 

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Why was Ricky Martin savagely beaten!? (VIDEO)

I'll be the firs to admit that I almost died when I saw this photo of a beat-up Ricky Martin on his Instagram account. OMG! Just look at him! That droopy red eye, his face which looks sad and angry at once. Thankfully he sort of explained what was going on ... and it's not really what you're thinking.

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