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Jennifer Lopez & Eva Longoria star in new TV shows + other Latinos who will rule our screens


Have you heard about Jennifer Lopez's upcoming TV show, Shades of Blue? I'm practically squealing with excitement and counting down the days until the January 2016 premiere of the cop drama. But she's not the only Latina (or Latino) you can see on the small and big screen in the next few months. Here are seven Latinos appearing in late Fall 2015 and early Winter 2016 TV and movies. Enjoy!

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20 Lies telenovelas tell us

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Who does not enjoy watching our telenovelas? They're opportunities for us to live vicariously through overly dramatic characters' crazy, mixed up lives. Could you say they're kind of like fun, hour-long vacays for our brains? However, sometimes novelas' plotlines are so ridiculously outlandish, they're hard for even the most diehard, imaginative fans to relate to. 

Don't get me wrong. I enjoy watching soap operas as much as the next girl. However, I think these 20 played-out scenarios and tropes are far too hard too watch. 

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12 Telenovelas that need to be remade in English ASAP!


The Queen of the South is officially crossing over! The hit 2011 telenovela La Reina del Sur, originally starring Kate Del Castillo, is coming to USA Network in 2016. The addictive storyline about a powerful and no-nonsense female cartel leader broke ratings records on Telemundo. No wonder they want to bring the successful script to English-dominant audiences. Our telenovelas have proven to become crossover favorites in the past with Ugly Betty, Jane The Virgin and Killer Women all taking the spotlight. La Reina del Sur is a great way to keep the trend going, but we have more telenovelas suggestions that will surely get Gringo audiences hooked. Let us count down the telenovelas that should be in the running! 

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Jennifer Lopez clears up rumors about her role in Jenni Rivera biopic


Jennifer Lopez is the best multi-tasker I've ever seen. She finished a hit tour, promoted her latest film A Boy Next Door and still has time to enjoy Sunday Funday with her twins Max and Emme. Now J.Lo is back on American Idol and she killed it during last night's performance of her new single off of the movie soundtrack for Home, "Feel The Light." That's not even the best part. Word is that Lopez is looking to co-produce the legendary Jenni Rivera's upcoming biopic. Bueno, are the rumors actually true? I hope so!

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Niurka Marcos attacks Rodner Figueroa​ in worst way possible


Wow, Niurka Marcos really loves kicking people while they're down! The Cuban television personality has her two cents to share about Rodner Figueroa's controversial comment about Michelle Obama, which got him fired from Univision last week. The shamed Venezuelan journalist hasn't said a peep to the media since penning his public apology letter to the First Lady. Of course, Marcos isn't the only celebrity to react to his racist statement, but she is the only one to take it to a nasty level.

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Can we guess which Latina TV mom you are? (QUIZ)


Remember when the only TV moms referenced were Claire Huxtable, Peggy Bundy and Roseanne? Well, now we're finally seeing Latina moms portrayed on TV, each with a distinct personality and her own set of parenting norms. Whether they're natural nurturers, strict disciplinarians or indulgent free spirits, these small screen mamás showcase a broad range of child-rearing styles and maternal interactions. Which mom do you channel in your own life? Take this quiz and find out!

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Are you a Nuestra Belleza Latina queen? (QUIZ)


Our favorite reality pageant show Nuestra Belleza Latina is in full swing and down to its 12 last finalists! In honor of NBL's midseason craziness, we are putting on our best heels and testing your knowledge on the hit show's history. Think you're a true NBL fan? Take our quiz and prove it! 

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Miss Universe 2015: Meet the Latina contestants!


A Latina is ready to take back the Miss Universe 2015 crown! We are already sitting on the throne since Venezuelan beauty Gabriela Isler won last year. That's the seventh win ever for Venezuela, which means I'm keeping an eye on the new contestant!

Watching Miss Universe is a celebration in my household. All of the women get together in my mom's living room and start making our votes for the best Latina on-stage. I already have my favorite contestants for Miss Universe 2015!

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10 Biggest Latino celebrity breakups of 2014

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Forget gluten-free diets and kabbalah: Consciously uncoupling was the thing to do in Hollywood this year. I swear, I haven't been able to go online or open a magazine without reading something about yet another celebrity couple break up. Though some of these splits were a long time coming, others just took us all by surprise. Then there are those few that just keep coming back from the dead, like zombies. Yeah, I'm looking at you, Selena and Justin!

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Can you guess which Latin celeb these 10 tattoos belong to?


I look to celebs for just about everything: fashion, trends, and yes, even tattoos. I'm thinking about getting my first tattoo sometime before the end of the year and so, I've been taking notes from some of the most inked celebs out there. I've learned a lot, to say the least. First, I learned that you should never get a tattoo of someone's name. Because tattoos last forever, and the same can't be said for love. Not always. Second, I learned you should get a tattoo of something meaningful, and possibly culturally significant. And lastly, these 10 Latino celebs taught me that no matter what you get inked on your body, it'll become a part of you. Not just your body, but it'll become a part of your legacy.

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