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Are you a Nuestra Belleza Latina queen? (QUIZ)


Our favorite reality pageant show Nuestra Belleza Latina is in full swing and down to its 12 last finalists! In honor of NBL's midseason craziness, we are putting on our best heels and testing your knowledge on the hit show's history. Think you're a true NBL fan? Take our quiz and prove it! 

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Miss Universe 2015: Meet the Latina contestants!


A Latina is ready to take back the Miss Universe 2015 crown! We are already sitting on the throne since Venezuelan beauty Gabriela Isler won last year. That's the seventh win ever for Venezuela, which means I'm keeping an eye on the new contestant!

Watching Miss Universe is a celebration in my household. All of the women get together in my mom's living room and start making our votes for the best Latina on-stage. I already have my favorite contestants for Miss Universe 2015!

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10 Biggest Latino celebrity breakups of 2014

Elizabeth PHOTOS

Forget gluten-free diets and kabbalah: Consciously uncoupling was the thing to do in Hollywood this year. I swear, I haven't been able to go online or open a magazine without reading something about yet another celebrity couple break up. Though some of these splits were a long time coming, others just took us all by surprise. Then there are those few that just keep coming back from the dead, like zombies. Yeah, I'm looking at you, Selena and Justin!

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Can you guess which Latin celeb these 10 tattoos belong to?


I look to celebs for just about everything: fashion, trends, and yes, even tattoos. I'm thinking about getting my first tattoo sometime before the end of the year and so, I've been taking notes from some of the most inked celebs out there. I've learned a lot, to say the least. First, I learned that you should never get a tattoo of someone's name. Because tattoos last forever, and the same can't be said for love. Not always. Second, I learned you should get a tattoo of something meaningful, and possibly culturally significant. And lastly, these 10 Latino celebs taught me that no matter what you get inked on your body, it'll become a part of you. Not just your body, but it'll become a part of your legacy.

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Jane the Virgin recap: Immaculate conceptions & ex-boyfriends complicate perfect Jane's life

One of the most highly anticipated is the CW's Jane The Virgin. The premise is simple: an aspiring writer, Jane Villanueva, is mistakenly artificially inseminated by her doctor on the eve of her boyfriend's proposal. What unfolds is a hilarious and poignant ride with a smoking hot bilingual cast to sweeten the mix.

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Cristela Alonzo opens up about how her mom inspired her

It isn't often that there's a sitcom starring a Latina comedian. Nonetheless one who writes, acts and co-produces the show and is the star. Comedian Cristela Alonzo is owning all of those job titles, but her success didn't come overnight. The Texan native never gave up on her dreams and now uses it as hilarious material for her on-screen character Cristela, a woman from a Mexican-American family who dreams of becoming a lawyer, but has plenty of obstacles to face. The show, also starring Carlos Ponce and Maria Canals-Barrera, is funny, authentic and offers a glimpse of a Latino family de corazón. Get to know more about Cristela in our Q/A coverage below! 

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Eiza Gonzalez calls the U.S. home and prepares to take over Hollywood

Eiza Gonzalez may love vacationing in her native Mexico, but she plans on calling the U.S. her permanent home. The From Dusk Till Dawn star recently admitted that she plans on getting her U.S. citizenship, which may mean things are getting extra serious with her boyfriend D.J. Cotrona. The 34-year-old hunk is from Connecticut and Gonzalez seems to be very sprung.

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5 Reasons Rosie Perez is the best thing to happen to The View

Today Rosie Perez joins "The View" as the first Latina co-host in the show's 17 year history! Here's five reasons why you should be watching (and cheering proudly) as Rosie makes television history, pa'que tu lo sepas!

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Paulina Rubio ditched from La Voz Kids and it might be Lucero's fault!

Paulina Rubio is known for having her share of enemies in the biz, and Lucero may be her next rival. La Chica Dorada's contract as a coach on La Voz Kids was not renewed and rumor has it that Lucero may be to blame. According to E! News, Telemundo confirmed that Pauli would return for the second season of the hit reality show, but Lucero reportedly forced the network to push her out. Insiders claim that the Mexican singer felt like Rubio may want to be the only female star of the show and would be difficult to work with.

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Why Lupita Jones quit Nuestra Belleza Latina​

Lupita Jones is saying adios to Univision. The 46-year-old former Miss Universe confirmed that she will not be returning as judge for the upcoming season of Nuestra Belleza Latina, which premieres in January 2015. Of course, chismes starting buzzing that Jones quit the show after producers introduced Jomari Goyso to the judge's table. The Mexican beauty has a sin pelos en la lengua response to the rumors… 

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