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Kate del Castillo's 10 most memorable telenovela roles ever


After decades of a successful career in telenovelas, Kate del Castillo is calling it quits. This is awful! If there's one thing Castillo was born to do it was act and star in bad-ass roles. The Mexican actress is currently starring on Telemundo's Dueños del paraíso, which is scheduled to end mid April. She plays a drug trafficking queen with power most of us envy. In a recent interview, Castillo confirmed that she may never return to telenovelas again. She said, "No, I don't think I will be returning to telenovelas. I never say never, but right now I'm the least interested in that path." Bueno, Castillo's roster of telenovela performances is pretty impressive. We are counting down Kate del Castillo's best telenovelas ever. 

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Eva Mendes joins Instagram & you won't believe her first photo!


Eva Mendes is officially part of society. The Cuban actress has joined Instagram! We all know Mendes isn't really one to overshare on her social media pages. I mean, she has had her Twitter page since 2010 and hasn't posted a single tweet in years. This could mean that the 41-year-old star is finally opening up and letting fans into her life just a little more. The last photo she posted kind of makes up for her secretive ways. You'll see what I mean after the break!

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Eva Mendes calls sleepless nights "Bonding with my little girl"


Finally! Eva Mendes has resurfaced since giving birth to daughter Esmeralda last September 2014 and she looks amazing! The Cuban American actress is one of those rare celebrities that demands privacy and is rarely active on social media, which is pretty refreshing. We still haven't even caught a glimpse of her baby with Ryan Gosling, but I'm hopeful it will happen soon.  What I love is that there's an air of mystery behind Mendes. She keeps her personal life private and that makes it even more alluring when she does decide to share her chismes. Wait until you read what she told Women's Health magazine about motherhood and getting back in shape.

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Jane the Virgin's Gina Rodriguez on virginity: "Wait until someone is worthy"


This year has proven to be Gina Rodriguez's year! The Jane The Virgin star, who celebrated her first Golden Globe win, is gracing the cover of Latina Magazine's March 2015 issue. She looks amazing, but what I love most about this estrella is that she has brains and passion for her work. From the start of her career, Gina has been about breaking Latina stereotypes in Hollywood and representing our culture to the fullest. Gina was interviewed by Adrienne Bailon for the feature story and she got real about her thoughts about virginity. She's a great role model for young women everywhere!

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Salma Hayek kicks butt in new 'Everly' trailer!


Actresses like Michelle Rodriguez and Zoe Saldana could easily pull off a badass action movie role, but acting veteran Salma Hayek is proving to do just the same in her latest film, Everly. At 48 years old, the Mexican actress is twisting and shooting just like the much younger Hollywood starlets. She does a damn good job while doing it too! I'm sure her daughter Valentina is too young to watch this film, but at some point it will probably make her say, "I want to be like Mami when I grow up." Yes, I was left thinking the same thing. 

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QUIZ: What's your Jennifer Lopez IQ?


Everyone and their mami knows Jennifer Lopez was born and raised in the South-south Bronx, but only true J.Lovers know all there is to know about where the Boricua supernova's personal and professional past. From true love to heartache, to box office hits and career triumph, ride or die J.Lo fanatics have been there to see her through and cheer her on. Are you one of them? Prove it! Take this quiz and see if you're a true J.Lover.

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Sofia Vergara's 10 Most OMG moments ever

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We all know Sofia Vergara is one of the most powerful women on television, but there's no denying that she has had her share of cheesy moments. She's powerful, fearless and rarely cares if the crowd is laughing at her. Yes, Sofia Vergara is living the dream not to mention she's dating one of the finest men in Hollywood, Joe Manganiello. Despite all of her success and fame, she still has some embarrassing moments that we can't seem to shake off.

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Can you guess which Latin celeb these 10 tattoos belong to?


I look to celebs for just about everything: fashion, trends, and yes, even tattoos. I'm thinking about getting my first tattoo sometime before the end of the year and so, I've been taking notes from some of the most inked celebs out there. I've learned a lot, to say the least. First, I learned that you should never get a tattoo of someone's name. Because tattoos last forever, and the same can't be said for love. Not always. Second, I learned you should get a tattoo of something meaningful, and possibly culturally significant. And lastly, these 10 Latino celebs taught me that no matter what you get inked on your body, it'll become a part of you. Not just your body, but it'll become a part of your legacy.

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Jane the Virgin recap: Immaculate conceptions & ex-boyfriends complicate perfect Jane's life

One of the most highly anticipated is the CW's Jane The Virgin. The premise is simple: an aspiring writer, Jane Villanueva, is mistakenly artificially inseminated by her doctor on the eve of her boyfriend's proposal. What unfolds is a hilarious and poignant ride with a smoking hot bilingual cast to sweeten the mix.

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Orgullo Latino

Celebridades latinas con las que nos gustaría tener la mejor amistad

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Muchas celebridades latinas han marcado una diferencia en su carrera y nos han conquistado el corazón con su talento, su carisma, sus triunfos y su belleza. Son personas trabajadoras, que se dedican a su público y de las que podemos aprender algo. Estos son algunos de los latinos famosos que podríamos tener como mejores amigos.

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