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7 Throwback Latino duets you forgot about


Remember that duet Ricky Martin did with Christina Aguilera back in the day? What was it called again? Oh yea, "Nobody Wants to Be Lonely." Well Ricky must have been feeling nostalgic this week because he posted it on his Facebook page today for #ThrowBackThursday. I seriously haven't heard this song since like 2001. And that just made me feel so old!

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Hispanic Heritage Month

15 Latin songs that will put a smile on your face every time (VIDEO)

I have yet to meet a Latina that doesn't consider listening to music a form of therapy. Most of the time, it includes some form of dancing, even if that means moving our feet while our butt is glued to a chair. Or discreetly tapping our fingers when nobody else is moving. That happens to me every time I hear certain tunes. I can't help it. It doesn't matter if I'm happy, worried, or even very sad. There are songs that can send every bad feeling away and make me feel like dancing, even if it's only while they last.

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Vicente Fernandez is ordered to stop singing by his doctors!

The health update on Vicente Fernández and his condition is here--and now I'm really worried! The icon himself announced that one of his many health problems is forcing him to stay off stages, through a press release that his rep read on his behalf. With it he confirmed rumors that the Charro de Huentitán will not be able to attend the famous fair in Fenaza. Oh no and to think this was his goodbye tour! Although the message is positive, I'm afraid his condition is way more serious than he's letting on. Here's why ...

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Why was Ricky Martin savagely beaten!? (VIDEO)

I'll be the firs to admit that I almost died when I saw this photo of a beat-up Ricky Martin on his Instagram account. OMG! Just look at him! That droopy red eye, his face which looks sad and angry at once. Thankfully he sort of explained what was going on ... and it's not really what you're thinking.

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Premios Juventud 2013: J.Lo & Marc Anthony steam up the stage, but avoid each other

Last night was the Premios Joventud 2013 and it was chock full of surprises. Marc Anthony, who was recently on the receiving end of racist Twitter remarks for performing "God Bless America" at the MLB All Star game, bravely shut down his haters and put on an excellent performance. His ex-wife Jennifer Lopez also performed at the ceremony, and their respective significant others were on hand.

Awkward much?


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Listen Up!

Celia Cruz: 10 years after her death, her legacy is more alive than ever

Even before I realized that today is the 10th aniversary of Celia Cruz's death, one of her songs was playing in my head, as the soundtrack of a difficult morning. "Ay, no hay que llorar, que la vida es un carnaval y las penas se van cantando (Ay, it's better not to cry, because life is a Carnival, and the sadness goes away by singing)," says her song "La vida es un carnaval."

Don't freak out! It was not one of those weird coincidences. I've loved La Reina de la Salsa's music since I was a little girl. My mother goes as far as swearing that I recognized her tunes even in her belly. An obvious exaggeration! But since it's imposible to be sad or still while listening to Celia, I tend to invoke her music when I'm stressed out or upset. Even more in a day like today when we all remember how much she gave us and how much we miss her.

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Pitbull reveals his truly evil side (VIDEO)

I've always believed that we humans aren't alone in this big, huge universe, and Chris Wedge, the director of new animated movie Epic (hitting theaters today), obviously agrees!

Epic tells the story of a tiny micro-universe in the forest ruled by the lovely Queen Tara (voiced by Beyonce), who is in charge of keeping their world in perfect balance. Of course, there are bad guys upsetting this natural balance, in this case, it's a group of malicious forces called Boggans that try to destroy the harmony of Queen Tara's kingdom.

But, there is one BIG surprise!

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X-Factor: Latinas taking over as Paulina Rubio joins Demi Lovato on the judges panel

Latinos continue to take over primetime TV as Fox just announced that Paulina Rubio alongside Kelly Rowland will be the new judges on The X-Factor this fall. The talent show which already has Demi Lovato as a judge will now have TWO high-profile Latinas on board and that just means that things are going to get interesting.

Simon Cowell won't know what hit him until he sees the three ladies go head-to-head during the season. We can't wait!

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Jennifer Lopez & Pitbull release sexy "Live It Up" music video & now I seriously want to party! (VIDEO)

Let's talk about how AH-MAZING Jennifer Lopez looks in the newly released music video for her single, "Live It Up" featuring Mr. Worldwide himself, Pitbull. The 43-year-old looks better than ever showing off an incredibly toned figure that has me wanting to hit the gym like ASAP! I swear this woman is like a bottle of fine wine, she just gets better and better with age.

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6 Latina celebrities moms who prove that age ain't nothing but a number


As women we put pressure on ourselves to appear as young as we can because it means we're more desirable. And although many ladies don't give themselves enough credit, most of them more than likely already look younger than what they really are. But there's more to a woman than her age--as many Latina celebrities have proven to the world.

Age is nothing but a number to these stars who look better than many younger starlets and have kicked butt while doing so! Take a look at the ladies we've rounded up who are no longer in their 20's but continue aging like fine wine.

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