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'El Pollito Pío' children's song is the new hit set to take over the world!

Watch out Psy and your "Gangnam Style," a new song is in town that will blow that Korean hit off the charts! Italian radio station, Radio Globo released the song "Il Pulcino Pio" in July and it has gone viral since its launch. The song produced by Bruno Benvenuti and Max Moroldo has already been translated into 20 language--and we're in love with its Spanish version, "El Pollito Pio" (The Little Chick Cheep).

The song became popular in Italy, with more than 80 million views! In Spanish, it's also been a hit, with more than 4 million views already. According to, the song originated from Brazil in the 80's but did not become popular until Italy brought it to its prominence today.

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Sonia Sotomayor teaches 'Sesame Street' viewers to look beyond the fairy tales (VIDEO)

For the second time this year, Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor visited Sesame Street--this time not to settle a debate, but to teach young viewers about the word "career." A pretty fitting topic, considering Sotomayor is a legendary career woman herself!

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Why are schools in Chicago bribing parents?

Sounds crazy, right? But it's apparently true. At least according to a press release from the city of Chicago announcing that parents will receive $25 gift cards from Walgreens when they show up to pick up their kids' report cards and attend parent-teacher conferences. The pilot program, brainchild of Chicago Mayor Rham Emanuel, has been launched in 70 public schools and is being viewed as a way to motivate parents to stay involved in their kids' education. All the schools involved have had issues engaging parents and school officials hope this program will change things around.

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