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Gloria Estefan regresa más brillante que nunca este 4 de julio

Gloria Estefan vive uno de sus mejores momentos y lo comprobaremos este 4 de julio. Y es que este es un año de estrenos para la Reina del Pop latino y su esposo, Emilio, quienes en octubre/noviembre tendrán un musical sobre sus vidas en Broadway, que ya está cotizando éxitos en Chicago.

Pero sigue leyendo para que veas qué más nos prepara la intérprete de "Conga" para hacernos bailar y amar como Dios manda (¡y no te pierdas el video!).

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Grammy Awards 2013: See our Latino nominees!

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The 56th Annual Grammy nominations are out and looks like competition is fierce this year! From artists ranging from Macklemore & Ryan Lewis to Justin Timberlake, this is definitely going to be an award show to remember. But we can't forget about our amazing Latino artists!

They too are going head to head with the rest of the nominees and let's just say, we think they have a REALLY good chance at winning this year. You heard their songs countless times on the radio and even made sure to download their albums when they dropped. So who were the lucky ones to get nominated this year? Read on to find out!

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Gloria Estefan: madre, esposa y amiga antes que estrella

Tras vender cien millones de discos, la cantante Gloria Estefan está más familiar, más agradecida que nunca. Así lo demostró cuando, en estos días, para el concierto privado en el que grabó un programa para la PBS,  decidió rodearse de VIPS… pero VIPS no políticos ni industriales, sino VIPS de su vida íntima. Entre los invitados estaban un grupo de compañeras de la escuela secundaria -con las que siempre se ha mantenido en contacto-, su familia –incluyendo a su nieto-,  su equipo de trabajadores y amigos íntimos -muchos de los cuales llevan con ella toda una vida-.

También invitó a algunos  fans. "Hicimos un sorteo para que algunos de ellos vinieran desde diferentes partes del mundo", dijo durante el evento patrocinado por la AARP y la PBS. "Estoy feliz de tenerlos entre nosotros."

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Gloria Estefan lo confirma: Trabajar con tu marido no es cosa fácil

¿Te imaginas que pases ocho horas en la oficina con la misma persona con la prepararás la cena y te vas a la cama? ¿Y que tus fines de semana también sean con el hombre con el que compartes el trabajo de lunes a viernes? Es decir, que no tienes alivio entre la jornada profesional y tu jornada como mamá y esposa y que ves a tu media naranja hasta en la sopa. No está fácil. Y lo confirma nada más y nada menos que Gloria Estefan.

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William Levy wants to play Emilio Estefan on Broadway & they should make that happen

William Levy could be headed to Broadway! Just a few weeks after Gloria Estefan revealed she and her family are producing a show based on their lives, Levy has expressed interest in the role of Estefan's husband, Emilio.

"Yes, I would love to take Emilio Estefan and Gloria Estefan's story to Broadway," the actor said in a statement. "They are people I admire very much for everything they have achieved. People that left Cuba and it's a story that not only Cubans would love to see, but all Latinos would. It's a story about overcoming."

Oh my god! Can you imagine Levy on a Broadway stage?! I certainly can. Somehow, I pretty sure he'd have no problem whatsoever drawing an audience.

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Jennifer Lopez & William Levy may star in new show about Gloria Estefan's life!

Looks like Gloria Estefan is ready to pass on her torch to another famous Latina! The singer is producing a Broadway musical based on her life and is currently starting the process of casting the roles of her family members and of course, herself. So which Hollywood star will be taking on Estefan's life?

Rumor has it that the two frontrunners for the lead role are none other than Thalia and Jennifer Lopez!

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Check out what your favorite stars were up to on Twitter this week!


This week, some of our favorite Latino celebs were quite the chatterboxes on Twitter. From Juanes to Adrienne Bailon, the stars all had some snapshots documenting great moments. For example, the ever-so-sexy William Levy made an appearance at the Vanidades Icons of Style party along with his friends Elizabeth Guttierez and Gloria Estefan.Then there's Juanes, whose son celebrated his birthday--and it looks like the adorable twosome had a blast!

It's great that these celebs aren't shy about sharing their personal photos with us and makes us feel more of a connection to them. Check out their Tweets and tell us which were your favorites this week!

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'The Next' premiere: Gloria Estefan takes on stage fright and lawn mowing! (VIDEO)

If you are as addicted to reality talent shows as I am, then you (like me!) couldn't help but tune in to the premiere of Gloria Estefan's new show last night, The Next. And though it's still a little too early for me to decide whether the rest of the season is a must-see or not, I have to admit that the first episode had pretty memorable moments--including seeing Estefan pass on some of her hard-earned wisdom to her mentee…oh, and watching the superstar be forced to mow a lawn!

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'The Next' with Gloria Estefan premieres tonight!


Gloria Estefan's singing competition, The Next, is officially premiering at 9 pm tonight on the CW! The show has garned a lot of buzz in the past few months and now finally, the world will get to see Estefan and her fellow co-stars, Joe Jonas, Nelly, and John Rich serve as mentors for superstar hopefuls.

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Gloria Estefan says the best part of being an abuelita is the payback!

Having the Queen of Latin pop for your grandmother would be pretty amazing, wouldn't it? Gloria Estefan officially became a first-time abuelita to grandson Sasha Argento Estefan-Coppola on June 21st but now she's opening up about what being a, ahem, sexy and talented grandma is all about!

As the gorgeous cover star of this month's Latina magazine, Gloria talked to them exclusively about becoming an abuela, how legendary producer hubby Emilio Estefan feels about the new family addition and what lessons she's passing on to her son Nayib.

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