Kim Kardashian wears another latex dress & this one is pretty shocking!


I'll never understand why Kim Kardashian loves wearing tight and uncomfortable latex dresses. The attention-loving reality television star is flaunting a new latex outfit for her new AdWeek magazine cover. I know this is a woman who rocks a bikini in the snow and takes thong belfies at any chance she gets, but this is a serious magazine publication. Seriously, what were they thinking putting her in this dress?  

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10 Times Chiquinquirá Delgado rocked​ with her style choices

chiquinquira PHOTOS

One of the Latinas I constantly follow during red carpet events is Chiquinquirá Delgado. Say what you want about the Venezuelan beauty, but her fashion game is one of the best in Latin Hollywood. She always pushes the style limit in a fierce way on Nuestra Belleza Latina and is never afraid to try something new. If that doesn't define a true fashionista, I don't know what does. Delgado's best fashion looks are truly flawless. I hope we get to tour her closet one day!

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Chiquis Rivera's top 10 style tips for curvy women

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We can all learn a little something about style and how to dress for your shape from Chiquis Rivera. The Latina singer is quickly becoming a style icon thanks to her great fashion sense and amazing shoe game. Thankfully, Chiquis is all about spreading the love and her knowledge for what works--especially for curvy women. Here are Chiquis' top ten fashion tips you don't want to miss. 

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Chiquis Marin Rivera's 10 most daring looks EVER!​

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I love women who aren't afraid to play with daring fashion looks. Chiquis Rivera often rocks revealing silhouettes that complement her shape. She's never afraid of showing skin and still manages to keep her style classy. Since dropping 30 pounds last year, Chiquis seems way more confident and comfortable with her body. She inspires us to feel the same--especially after checking her out in some of these daring looks! Here are 10 of her boldest looks ever!

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Thalia's collection at Macy's: 10 of the BEST looks from the line

thalia PHOTOS

There has been plenty of buzz around Thalia's new fashion line for Macy's, and I'm not surprised why. Her collection is colorful, chic and includes silhouettes perfect for all body shapes. The best part is that her price point for the collection won't break the bank. I'm a bargain shopper, but I never want to look like one! I scanned her collection and have hand-picked her best looks. 

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Ninel Conde's 10 CRAZIEST post-pregnancy looks​


I give it to Ninel Conde. She always finds a way to show more skin and get us talking. The Mexican star joined the six-day celebration of carnival in the town of Guaymas, Mexico. She was joined by proud fans and musicians like Julión Álvarez and his banda Malecón Turístico. It was a party indeed and Ninel made sure to dress the part. She was seen waving on a parade float in a sheer dress that would be too scandalous for most people. Of course, this is Ninel we're talking about. 

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Chiquis Rivera rocks tight mini-skirt & shows off EVERYTHING


Hard work pays off! Chiquis Rivera looks thinner than ever and has been rocking tight mini-skirts to prove it. Last spring, Chiquis committed to dropping weight and shed about 30 pounds with celeb health trainer Alejandro Chabán. She credits telling her "gordita" side to take a rest, but it seems like that side is still in siesta mode. Chiquis looks amazing! The weight seems to keep falling off, which proves that resolutions can influence positive change. 

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10 Latina celebs with the BEST cleavage


We all know Jennifer Lopez is a big fan of deep-plunge necklines and showing off her amazing cleavage--I would too if those styles looked that good on me! J.Lo visited Andy Cohen's Watch What Happens Live in a revealing black dress with leather and mesh detail. Say what you want about J.Lo, but you can't deny that the Boricua has amazing fashion sense. Granted, she won't ever be able to top the infamous jungle-print green Versace dress, but I give her credit for constantly trying. I also can't help but notice that her cups are pretty age defying! They are still standing proud. Go, J.Lo!

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Conchita Wurst: Meet the bearded lady of the Golden Globes

When international singer Conchita Wurst hit the red carpet at last night's Golden Globes, everyone took notice. The gorgeous brunette looked absolutely stunning in a low-cut green velvet gown that offset her beautiful grown locks and lusciously full beard. Yup, you absolutely read that right: she sported a full-on beard. On the red carpet. Like a boss. And it was everything!!!

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10 Chic sweatpants you can rock ANYWHERE

joggers PHOTOS

I don't when or how or why it happened, but sometime over the course of the last few months it became totally acceptable to rock sweatpants to work. Look, I'm not complaining or anything. On the contrary, I'm pretty ecstatic. Thanks to joggers, a.k.a. fancy-schmancy tailored sweatpants, we no longer have to choose between looking chic and feeling comfy. We can finally have it all--at least as far as workplace fashion's concerned. Hallelujah!

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