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Monica Spear's daughter has a wish that will break your heart


It angers me that this beautiful child is now orphaned because of some low lives. Monica Spear's daughter Maya recently mourned her parents on the one year anniversary since their tragic and violent murder in Venezuela. Little Maya was able to survive the heartless crime, but Monica and her partner, Thomas Berry, were brutally robbed and shot to death in Caracas, Venezuela. Now, the 6-year-old lives with her maternal grandparents in Florida and they're revealing their granddaughter's mental state. Her number one wish in life will seriously make you cry and want the death penalty for her killers.

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Ricky Martin's daughter is due any day now!


Wow! Ricky Martin has been keeping some baby news from us! The proud dad is reportedly expecting a baby girl any day now. He looks like such a nurturer so it only seems natural that he would want to expand his family. His twin boys Matteo and Valentino must be so excited about being big brothers! Last summer, Ricky was pretty open about the baby news and revealed, "The little baby will come next year. When daddy's little girl arrives, I want to be there." So sweet! I would who the mom is…

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The 10 sexiest natural celeb butts

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In Hollywood, natural butts are a rare body part to come by these days. Bigger has proven to be better in the derriere department, but there are few estrellas who actually rock the real thing. Instead of shouting out the fake butts, we are taking a look at booties that aren't injected or inflated. These natural beauties aren't playing around! 

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La Chilindrina calls Chespirito's widow a "home wrecker"


The iconic man who played Chespirito, Roberto Gómez Bolaños, may be resting in peace, but more chisme is coming out related to his personal life. María Antonieta De Las Nieves, who worked alongside Chespirito for years as La Chilindrina, revealed a bombshell about Bolaños' second wife Florinda Meza, who played the rolo-rocking Doña Florinda alongside Chilindrina. During her satellite interview with television host Magaly Medina, Las Nieves had some messy things to say about the recent widow. Does she have no respect for the dead? 

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Elizabeth Gutierrez speaks out after William Levy split, has "no regrets"


We can all say this was a long time coming. Over the weekend, it was announced through a source that William Levy and Elizabeth Gutiérrez officially split. An insider very close to the Cuban actor revealed the break-up news to People en Español--and I wish I could say I'm shocked. Actually, a huge part of me is relieved that Gutiérrez broke the on again and off again pattern. If I were her, I would also be crying that William is no longer my man. I know love is blind and it could be even more blinding when you're dating someone as hot as Levy, but at some point love just isn't enough. 

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Eugenio Derbez SLAMS the Mexican government during Teleton


Funnyman Eugenio Derbez recently took the mic and reacted to Mexico's current political controversy and it was no laughing matter. The 53-year-old star participated in the 18th annual Teletón Foundation, which aired on Televisa. Derbez took the stage and warned that he had a couple of things to get off his chest and asked show producers, "I'm still on right? You aren't going to cut me off." 

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10 Ways Chiquis' life has changed since Jenni Rivera's death

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It's hard to believe that it has been two years since Jenni Rivera's tragic death. La Diva de la Banda's spirit and her music has lived on, but I still remember my heart sinking when I heard about the plane crash. It felt as if I was losing a family member. Jenni Rivera had a warmth and sincerity about her that most stars lack these days. Since 2012, we have seen her eldest daughter Chiquis try to honor her mother's memory in some of the sweetest ways possible. 

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Can you guess which Latin celeb these 10 tattoos belong to?


I look to celebs for just about everything: fashion, trends, and yes, even tattoos. I'm thinking about getting my first tattoo sometime before the end of the year and so, I've been taking notes from some of the most inked celebs out there. I've learned a lot, to say the least. First, I learned that you should never get a tattoo of someone's name. Because tattoos last forever, and the same can't be said for love. Not always. Second, I learned you should get a tattoo of something meaningful, and possibly culturally significant. And lastly, these 10 Latino celebs taught me that no matter what you get inked on your body, it'll become a part of you. Not just your body, but it'll become a part of your legacy.

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10 Celeb moms who changed their names for fame


As we all know, stardom isn't all about talent. The fame game is also about the right face, fashion and name. Many celebs decide to change their birth names into catchier, sexier or more unique stage names. While sometimes we wish we could live the life of a pop star, these celeb moms have done it all--with fake names. Who are these women?

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15 Celebs caught in nude photo scandals!


Nowadays, it seems like there is a new nude celebrity photo scandal every week! Between Kim Kardashian, Maite Perroni and Rihanna, all of these stars have fallen victim to having explicit photos leaked without their consent. Well, whether they intended for the racy photos to leak is subjective. We all know plenty of these stars actually become more famous once a scandal like this hits their resume. 

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