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11 Things you probably don't know about Joan Sebastian


We are still mourning the loss of a legend. Joan Sebastian lost his battle with cancer and passed away on July 13th. This was the 64-year-old singer's third cancer diagnosis after battling with the illness for over a decade. Besides his iconic songs like "El Camino del Amor," we honor his strength and amazing spirit. Sebastian's journey to the top was one of sacrifice and struggle, but it came with plenty of surprises along the way. Here are eleven things you should know about the Poeta del Pueblo


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Aracely Arámbula dice que sus hijos ya no buscan a Luis Miguel + 12 tips para cuando tus hijos tienen un padre ausente


Luis Miguel podrá ser un gran cantante pero como padre deja mucho que desear. Según Aracely Arámbula en vista de que el artista mexicano ha estado ausente tanto en las fechas importantes, como en la vida cotidiana de sus hijos Miguel y Daniel, la actriz asegura que a ellos ya no les interesa buscarlo. 

Es muy triste cuando un padre no se ocupa de la crianza de sus hijos y se pierde cada momento de su vida que pasa tan rápido. Aquí te ofrezco algunos consejos para proteger la autoestima de tus hijos si su padre simplemente no está.

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Donald Trump DUMPED by NBC + 12 celebs who have spoken out against his racist rant

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Donald Trump has officially been fired and the news tastes like sweet victory. Perhaps the tycoon has finally learned the greatest life lesson of all--when to keep his mouth shut. His anti-immigration speech over a week ago sparked outrage after he called Mexicans "rapists" and continued a racist rant against Latinos. Today, NBC Universal confirmed that they're ending their partnership with Trump and will not be airing Miss USA or Miss Universe on their network. You have to read EVERYTHING the network said, plus check out other celebs who have spoken out against the racist magnate!

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Ninel Conde in Playboy + 13 other Latina celebs who have posed nude

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Ninel Conde loves showing off her signature figure and is no stranger to the pages of Playboy Mexico. The Mexican beauty reportedly inked a deal to strip down for the magazine's "readers" after a long negotiation process. Word is that Conde will be earning $330,000 for posing like her mamá brought her to this world. Now that's a lot of money! I know her bank account is about to get way bigger, but I wonder if Conde considered what her son Emmanuel will think about this when he gets older. One thing is for sure, Conde isn't afraid to show off her goods and neither are 13 of these Latina celebrities.

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J Balvin, Eugenio Derbez + 12 celebs who have stood up to Donald Trump

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J Balvin is taking a stance! The Colombian artist has officially decided to quit his performance in the upcoming Miss USA pageant due to Donald Trump's controversial anti-immigration speech. The billionaire is part owner of the national organization, which means this is really kicking him where it hurts! Univision also announced that it was ending its partnership with the Miss Universe pageant, which is co-owned by Trump. This is huge coming from a network! 

J Balvin and Univision's decision is exactly what I was hoping more Latino celebrities and media brands would do--especially since Ximena Navarrete came to his defense and only a handful of Latino stars have stood up against Trump's ignorant speech. J Balvin may be starting an anti-Donald Trump movement and I'm all about it! Find out what Balvin had to say about Trump's racist speech and which other celebrities have stood up against the presidential candidate. 

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Ximena Navarrete defends Donald Trump, but these 10 celebs fire back for his ignorant Mexico comments

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Ximena Navarette cashed her Miss Universe checks and seems to have forgotten about her patria. The Mexican former beauty queen was recently asked her thoughts on Donald Trump's racist speech, in which he blatantly labeled Mexicans as "rapists." While at a red carpet event, she told TV y Novelas, "I don't like to go into political subjects. Donald Trump has treated me super nicely, I'm still working with him until today, I have a contract with him. I am not going to say bad things about someone who has treated me well."

Really?! She also added that she "stands up for Mexicans," but she did none of that in her answer. Can someone give Navarrate her heart and brain back, please? Here are 10 celebrities who actually had the cojones (that's right) to stand up to Mr. Trump and two of them are former Latina Miss Universe winners.

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Jennifer Lopez has a new boy toy & he's Latino! (PHOTO)


Jennifer Lopez has many talents and she has proven that finding love time and time again is one of them. The Boricua pop diva is a romantic at heart and I'm not going to knock her for it. Since she resurfaced with young boy toy Casper Smart, J.Lo has looked happier than ever. Bueno, it seems like Lopez has introduced a new man into her life! He has proven to be a smooth operator and an amazing singer. No, that doesn't mean she got back with ex Marc Anthony! You won't believe who the new Latino man in her life is! 

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Adamari López confirms her return to acting


We're counting down to the return of Adamari López to acting, and it seems like she is too! What great news! Let's be honest, we're also patiently waiting for our Ada to return to Un nuevo día. As moms, we know how hard it's going to be for her to leave little Alaïa those first few days of her return to work. Nevertheless, the plans she has are super exciting. Check out what's brewing for Ada in the next few months.

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Angelica Vale takes her friendship with Adamari Lopez to a whole new level!

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Adamari Lopez and Angelica Vale's friendship has lasted longer than most celebrity marriages! The besties met on the set of the telenovela Amigas y Rivales back in 2001 and have been inseparable ever since. Now the two beautiful Latinas are mothers and love celebrating their family lives together. Recently, Vale decided to honor Lopez in the best way possible. This is going to connect the good friends for life! Wait until you read her message. It says it all! 

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Rodner Figueroa honors the one woman in his life (PHOTO)


There's very little we know about Rodner Figueroa's life nowadays. The Venezuelan journalist has been living a low-key life in Miami, Florida since getting fired from Univision in March. As much as people have grown to despise and hate him, an equal amount of fans stand by his side. I personally don't think the man should be excommunicated because of one off-color remark. I believe everyone has a right to start over and redeem themselves. No matter what happens in Figueroa's life, he has proven that there's one woman who remains by his side no matter what. This definitely says a lot about his character!  

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