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WATCH: William Levy gets sexy in steamy new trailer for 'Addicted'

William Levy is about to be back on the big screen, this time as the leading man. Well, the other leading man. That's right! In his upcoming film Addicted, Levy plays a sexy artist having a heated affair with a married woman. The newest trailer for the movie was released today and let's just say, it looks really juicy. Plus, there are plenty of gratuitous shots of Levy with his shirt off. Watch it all after the jump!

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WATCH: Jennifer Lopez's mom has hilarious reaction to idea of Marc Anthony reconciliation

After news that her divorce from ex-husband Marc Anthony was finally finalized this week broke, Jennifer Lopez opened up about the split on The Wendy Williams Show. The 44-year-old singer, who brought her mom Guadalupe along with her to the appearance, dished about her former love, even revealing that she still finds him sexy. But the absolute best part? Lopez's mom's reaction when Williams expressed hope that the divorced couple will get back together one day. It's so funny, you just have to see it for yourself! Check it out below.

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Christina Milian & Jas Prince split + 9 other Latino couples who called off their weddings

Christina Milian is single once again! The 32-year-old singer has called it quits with fiancé Jas Prince after two years of dating.

The breakup reportedly took place earlier this month, as a rep for the star's family confirmed to US Weekly. Milian allegedly moved her stuff out of their shared house in L.A. earlier this week. Aww, these two looked so happy together! So what could've gone wrong?

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Mariah Carey & Courtney Love + 6 other bizarre celebrity friendships

Mariah Carey definitely isn't known being a super approachable and friendly celebrity. In fact--let's just say it, right?--she has quite the rep for being an outright diva, even among other famous A-listers like herself (I'm talking about you, J.Lo and Nicki Minaj). So color me surprised when I saw this photo of her and Courtney Love, of all people, looking BFFs! What the heck is going on here?

The picture was posted to Love's Instagram this week and of course, has everyone speculating what these two are doing together. Carey looking buddy-buddy with anyone but her husband is kind of rare and weird, but see her with Love is extra strange. You have to admit, they're a very unlikely pair! So what are these two up to?!

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Jennifer Lopez & Marc Anthony are officially divorced but you won't believe who gets the twins

Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony are officially divorced! I know, I thought this happened ages ago too. But though the couple called it quits all the way back in July 2011 after seven years of marriage, the proceedings were apparently only just finalized this week. Jeez, what took so long?

According to reports, a Los Angeles County Superior Court judge signed off on the paperwork this week. The split was essentially made legally official in March, but the final judgment package was not entered into the court system until now due to backlog. But while their divorce doesn't come as a shock to anyone (obviously), the details of their custody settlement over 5-year-old twins, Max and Emme, may be a little more surprising.

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WATCH: Jennifer Lopez & Jimmy Fallon have hilarious tight pants dance-off!

Jennifer Lopez showed TV host Jimmy Fallon who really wears the pants during an appearance on The Tonight Show last night! The 44-year-old singer joined Fallon on stage for a tight pants dance-off and the results are downright hilarious.

You'd think that Fallon would know better than to challenge Lopez on anything related to tight pants, especially dancing in them. After all, she's had years of experience. But let's just say, he learned his lesson the hard way. Check out the super funny clip after the jump!  

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Spanish TV chef Dario Barrio dies in tragic skydiving accident

A Spanish television chef died in a freak base-jumping accident earlier this week, when his parachute failed to open during his jump at the International Air Festival in Spain.

Reports say that 42-year-old Dario Barrio's wing suit malfunctioned, causing him to collide with a cliff face in the Sierra Segura mountain range on Friday night. Paramedics were called to the scene, but were sadly unable to revive him. What a horrible, horrible tragedy.

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Jennifer Lopez and Casper Smart's split actually due to Marc Anthony?!

News that Jennifer Lopez and her boyfriend of two and a half years, Casper Smart, officially split only broke yesterday, but not many were surprised by the confirmation. Rumors that their relationship was on the rocks have been flying for months now, particularly in the last several weeks, when reports claimed that Smart was exchanging racy texts with transsexual model, Sofie Vissa.

But though neither Lopez nor Smart has commented on the split, more details of their breakup now seem to be coming to light. Sources are now telling E! Online that the breakup actually had nothing to do with Vissa, but that there was a third party involved- and that it was none other than Lopez's ex-husband, Marc Anthony!

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SEE: 12 Weird celebrity couples that make NO sense

You've probably heard by now that Sofia Vergara is officially a single lady. Yup, she split from her ex-fiance, Nick Loeb a few weeks ago, but the chisme doesn't stop there. Rumor has it, Sofia is secretly dating a new man. That was fast, right? Well rumor has it it's Tom Cruise, an old flame from back in the day. I know, I can hardly believe it myself!

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20 Baby names inspired by famous Latinos


When it comes to naming a baby, you can take inspiration from just about anywhere nowadays. You can look to family names, Biblical names, telenovela names, colors, adjectives, whatevs. I think there are many famous Latinos who have great names that could be given to brand spankin' new human beings, don't you?

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