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Kim Kardashian slams Adrienne Bailon for talking trash about Rob & family

It's been years since Adrienne Bailon and Rob Kardashian had their messy split after he allegedly cheated on her, but The Talk's co-host hasn't forgotten how devastating the heartbreak was. In a recent interview with Latina magazine, Bailon went in on the Kardashian clan and how she really felt about her straying ex. She had some stinging words about the famous reality television show family and her former amor, which led Kim Kardashian to fire right back. 

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Selena Gomez celebrates her birthday like a rock star

Selena Gomez is turning 22 today and making sure to celebrate in style without on-again, off-again beau Justin Bieber. The star began her birthday festivities in Italy for the Ischia Global Film and Music Festival over the weekend. Selenita was snapped rocking sexy maxi dresses and showing off major skin during her getaway. Of course, it didn't end there.

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Sofia Vergara is 42: See her transformation


Today is Sofia Vergara's birthday and we would like to wish the star a big super feliz cumpleaños! At 42 years old, Vergara is looking and doing great. I'm sure you don't need me to tell you that the woman can rock a bikini like nobody's business. And speaking of business, she's rockin' her business too. For the third year in a row, Vergara is the highest paid actress on TV. She recently came in at number 54 on Forbes's list of the world's most powerful celebrities, earning 37 million dollars in the past 12 months. Oh, and on their list of most powerful women in the world, she came in at number 34. Not too shabby.

It may seem like she had it all, but let's not forget that it has taken a lot of hard work and a lot of bikini shots to get her where she is today. In honor of her cumple, let's take a walk down memory lane with her and see her transformation over the years.

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World Cup 2014: The 9 best goal celebrations!

We're in the final stretch of the World Cup and there have been so many truly unforgettable moments. This year's tournament is one of the most unpredictable yet, with tons of surprising wins and losses and so many crazy goals that it's on track to become the highest scoring World Cup ever (we were sad to see Mexico and the U.S. go, but so many of our teams are still alive!).

If you're a soccer fan, you know there's nothing quite like seeing your team score a goal, especially if it's the winning one. So I can only imagine how elated the actual players must feel. Luckily for us, they like to celebrate their goals as much as the rest of us! In fact, their hilarious, over-the-top, overjoyed and sometimes shocked reactions are often my favorite moments of the whole game!

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Forbes 100 Most Powerful Celebs: SEE the 6 Latinos who made the cut


Forbes has come out with its yearly list of 100 most powerful celebrities and Beyonce Knowles is número uno and her hubby Jay-Z is number 6 on the list. I'm not surprised, they are quite the power couple, but I'll tell you who I was really looking for on the list. I was looking for Latinos on the list and I found them. This year we have six powerful Latino celebrities representing. Are you ready to find out who they are?

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WATCH: Demi Lovato & Wilmer Valderrama caught in passionate embrace on video

Demi Lovato and Wilmer Valderrama have become pros at keeping their relationship under wraps and away from the public eye. But not anymore! The 21-year-old singer recently debuted the video for her latest single "Really Don't Care" and guess who makes a cameo? That's right! Her longtime on-and-off actor beau, Valderrama!

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Sofia Vergara, Pitbull & other Latino celebs on the Hollywood Walk of Fame

Getting a star on Hollywood's legendary Walk of Fame is a huge milestone for any star and three of our favorite Latino celebs will soon be celebrating that prestigious honor! The 2015 honorees have just been announced by the Walk of Fame Selection Committee and I'm thrilled to say that Sofia Vergara, Eugenio Derbez, and Pitbull are all joining the long list of amazing actors, artists, and producers to have their name emblazoned on the famous sidewalk. Congrats to the trio--they all deserve it!

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Luis Suarez's World Cup bite spurs hilarious internet memes

Unless you've been living under a rock or are just not a fan of the World Cup (in which case, sorry, we can't be friends), you probably know that Uruguay striker Luis Suarez is in hot water after allegedly biting a player from Italy's team during their key Group D game on Tuesday.

The incident occurred during the second half of the game when Suarez appeared to sink his teeth into the shoulder of Italian defender Giorgio Chiellini while the two were going for a loose ball late in the second half of the game. FIFA has already opened a disciplinary proceeding against the play and given that this is the THIRD incident of its kind in his career (is this guy part vampire or something?) Suarez is in danger of being banned from the World Cup for up to two years.

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WATCH: William Levy gets sexy in steamy new trailer for 'Addicted'

William Levy is about to be back on the big screen, this time as the leading man. Well, the other leading man. That's right! In his upcoming film Addicted, Levy plays a sexy artist having a heated affair with a married woman. The newest trailer for the movie was released today and let's just say, it looks really juicy. Plus, there are plenty of gratuitous shots of Levy with his shirt off. Watch it all after the jump!

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WATCH: Jennifer Lopez's mom has hilarious reaction to idea of Marc Anthony reconciliation

After news that her divorce from ex-husband Marc Anthony was finally finalized this week broke, Jennifer Lopez opened up about the split on The Wendy Williams Show. The 44-year-old singer, who brought her mom Guadalupe along with her to the appearance, dished about her former love, even revealing that she still finds him sexy. But the absolute best part? Lopez's mom's reaction when Williams expressed hope that the divorced couple will get back together one day. It's so funny, you just have to see it for yourself! Check it out below.

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