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Gabriel García Márquez memorial & most influential works of all time

Less than a week after Latin America's most famous author Gabriel Garcia Márquez died in his home at the age of 87, family, friends, and admirers paid tribute to him today in a moving memorial at the Bellas Artes Palace in Mexico City.

According to reports, thousands of his readers waited in line in the neighboring park for a chance to pay their respects. Inside, guests gave a standing ovation when the black urn with the adored author's ashes was carried down the stairs of the lobby and placed on a pedestal surrounded by yellow flowers. It was a touching and beautiful ceremony for the man who made a difference in so many lives.

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SEE: Celeb moms show off their NUDE post-baby bodies

Newsstands around the world are about to get a whole lot sexier with the upcoming release of Allure's annual nude issue, featuring celebrity moms Kristen Bell, Jenna Dewan Tatum and several other famous actresses.

The brave celebs stripped down and bared all for portraits in the beauty magazine's yearly "Naked Truth" series. In the photos, Bell poses on a sandy beach while Dewan Tatum lies partially submerged in water.  Both women participated in the shoot less than a year after giving birth to their first babies ... and trust me when I say they look better than ever! Check out more of the stunning photos below.

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LISTEN: Ricky Martin teases new World Cup song "Vida!"

Ricky Martin is joining the long list of Latino superstars contributing to the 2014 World Cup soundtrack! The singer took to social media this week to tease fans with a 30-second clip of the new song he created for the big tournament, called "Vida."

As the title of the track suggests, the song is a super upbeat and tropical jam that celebrates life. And as many other Martin songs, it's sure to get any listeners dancing. Take a listen after the jump!

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8 Weird celebrity couples that make NO sense (PHOTOS)

Tom Cruise and Laura Prepon are dating?! They may be denying it, but multiple sources are saying that the Orange Is The New Black actress is his new main squeeze. How the hell did that happen?  

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Is William Levy leaving his fiance & kids for Ximena Navarrete?

IIs William Levy seriously leaving longtime girlfriend and mother of his two kids, Elizabeth Gutierrez, for his La Tempestad co-star Ximena Navarrete? A recent report in Spanish-language magazine TVNotas not only claims that the 33-year-old actor and Gutierrez are on the brink of a breakup, but that he's already planning on kicking off a new relationship with Navarrete.

Wait, wasn't word on the street that he had just officially proposed to Guttierez back in February? What could've gone wrong?

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Naya Rivera & Big Sean split + 8 other Latino couples who called off their weddings

I'm disappointed to report that Naya Rivera and rapper Big Sean have officially called it quits. Oh no! The worst part is that the devastating news comes only six months after the two announced their engagement. What in the world happened? They seemed so happy together. Was one of them cheating?

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Scarlett Johansson majorly slams Jennifer Lopez

Scarlett Johansson is not a fan of Jennifer Lopez ... or to be more specific, of Lopez's nickname "J.Lo." In a recent interview with Glamour magazine, the 29-year-old actress expressed some serious disdain for the abbreviation the tabloids have given her name in recent years, ScarJo. So why exactly does she hate it so much?

"I associate that name with, like, pop stars," she said, later adding, "It's tacky." Of course now, everyone can't help but think that she was really referencing to one specific pop-star--J.Lo, who pretty much started the shorthand name trend way back when. Yikes! That sounds like a definite diss to me. And unfortunately, her complaining didn't stop there.

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Lupillo Rivera caught in racy porno photo scandal!


Lupillo Rivera, El Toro del Corrido and Jenni Rivera's little brother, is being blackmailed and I have to say I totally feel for him and his whole family. It's pretty awful. Someone or a group of someones broke into his home and, among other things, stole some unedited music recordings and intimate pictures he took with his wife. It sucks that the music recordings were stolen, but it sucks even more that the pictures were taken because now whoever did the stealing is demanding that Rivera pay up or the photos will be leaked.

ARGHHHHH! Can you imagine? Just how naughty and explicit are the pictures?

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LISTEN: Pitbull & Jennifer Lopez's official 2014 World Cup anthem is here!

The 2014 FIFA World Cup Anthem is officially here! Two months before the soccer tournament is set to kick off, Pitbull and Jennifer Lopez have finally unveiled their collaborative track for the big event, called "We Are One (Ole Ola)" ... and I'm happy to report it's just as catchy and fun as expected!

The song, which also features Brazilian singer Claudia Leitte, was released last night, with Pitbull taking to Twitter to write, "#WeAreOne ft @jlo & @claudialeitte the @fifacom World Cup 2014 Anthem. Thank you, muchas gracias, obrigado and #dale." Take a listen after the jump!

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Celebrity sex: 8 Stars who share way TMI

When it comes to celebrities' personal lives, some share more than others--a lot more. You need to look no further than Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon for proof of that. Though the two have always been open about their sex life (to say the least), Cannon recently took it a step further by sharing details about their first time together, including when and where it happened. Jeez, talk about TMI!

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