10 Worst diet fails of 2014

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If a diet seems too good to be true, chances are it is. You'd think we'd  know that by now, but it appears that we don't. This past year saw some of the craziest diet trends to date, with people trying everything from ingesting creepy, crawly creatures to drinking batidos made from sapitos--all in the name of losing a few pounds. And those are hardly even the kookiest or most dangerous diet fads of 2014. What's worse is the fact that many of these trends are being hyped as natural and healthy. Listen to me when I tell you that they're not. Not by a long shot!  

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Woman ate dog food for a week & lost tons of weight!


I've heard of dieters eating like birds, pero eating like a dog? Now, that's new. However that's exactly what one woman did. Paleo dieter and avid dog food label reader Anne Kadet says she swapped human food for dog food for a week, and the results were ah-mah-zing. But, is it healthy? She says it is. She ate dog food for six whole days, and even lived to tell about it. This is her story.

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Mom says she loves her dog more than her own son!​


Kelly Rose Bradford insists that she loves her 4-year-old West Highland terrier Matilda more than she does her 11-year-old son William. In fact, she wrote a lengthy and heartfelt editorial--which reads like a love note to her canine companion--for the Daily Mail on the nurturing instincts Matilda inspires in her, how the dog's love is unconditional and her loyalty undying. At first, I questioned whether Bradford's first-person testimonial was strategically designed to create outrage among readers, leading to more online shares of the controversial article, which would, in turn, boost her journalistic profile. So I decided to do some research of my own and, as it turns out, her Twitter feed is brimming with photos of shaggy-haired Matilda while images of William are a rare find. My conclusion: this lady is nuttier than a Payday bar.

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WATCH: Awesome dog teaches his family's baby how to crawl & you're going to melt

One of the biggest milestones for parents of young kids is when their babies start crawling. For some kids, it's almost second-nature while others skip the crawling all together in favor of walking. So when 7-month-old Allie recently needed a little motivation, her mom decided to recruit help from the family's dog, Buddy.

As can be seen in the clip below, Buddy tries to teach his little owner how to crawl by showing her how it's done himself. Luckily, Ali's mom, Valeria, was nearby to capture the whole thing on tape. Watch it below--trust me, it's so cute that once you watch it once, you'll want to watch it again and again!

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SEE: Mom's photographs of baby and dog in matching hats is cutest thing EVER!


When mom and photographer Grace Chon took in her family dog, Zoey, she hoped it would be the start of a beautiful friendship for the pooch and her now 10-month-old son, Jasper.  What she didn't realize is just how close the two would get!

Everything changed when Chon realized that the hats and hoodies she was buying for little Jasper also fit Zoey. She started photographing the adorable duo wearing matching outfits…and let's just say, the rest is history! The resulting series of snapshots, documented on the Tumblr, Zoey and Jasper, is definitely one of the cutest things I've ever seen.  Check it out below!

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WATCH: These dogs can salsa better than you


You have got to watch this video compliation of dogs dancing salsa! Wait!!! Don't you dare roll your eyes at me and click away. I am one of the last people you would expect to be recommending a dancing dogs video. Normally, I would rather roll over and play dead than ask you to watch a video of dogs moving to a Latin beat, but this one is really good. I am not kidding you that part of me wants to put the thing on repeat and learn these dogs' moves because they are better salsa dancers than most humans I know and certainly better than I am. I'd be willing to bet that they are probably better than you too. The only way we can settle this is if you actually watch the doggone video.

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SEE: Mom's pics of toddler napping with puppy are the cutest!


Needing a pick-me-up on this Monday afternoon? I have just the thing to brighten your day! Meet Beau and Theo, an adorable toddler and puppy duo that is melting hearts all around the world with their ridiculously cute naptime ritual.


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Friday Fuzzies: Cuddly dog and baby are cuteness overload!

There's nothing better than babies and puppies combined. The duos are always hilarious and and the best part is they never realize it! This latest video is a priceless treat to watch because it involves a sleeping baby and dog attempting to cuddle with her. The best way I can describe it is: Cute central!

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MUST-SEE: This adorable dog helps his owner propose to his girlfriend! (VIDEO)

Dogs are just about some of the best pets that anyone can have. Okay, maybe I'm a bit biased, but you will see why after you witness how one man used his dog to take a big step in his relationship: 33-year-old John McCormack posted on Reddit his proposal to his girlfriend, 25-year-old Sarah Leighton, who was greeted with the surprise by McCormack's dog Spud.

Spud is a 15-month-old black Labrador retriever who had the hardest job of all during the proposal by carrying the engagement ring in a box around his collar. So did the proposal win Sarah over or did John's plan backfire? Read on to find out!

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Adorable Miso the dog can't stand seeing this newborn cold!

If you've ever wondered if dogs could be good babysitters, then you have to watch this video to see for yourself. A dog named Miso proves that dogs are just as capable of taking care of children after he was taking good care of his owner's 10-week-old granddaughter, Isabella.

Isabella was taking a nap--because that's just what babies do, when Miso decided that she wasn't comfy enough. He then made sure to make her napping experience a good one by making sure she was bundled up with a blanket the right way. Awwww!

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