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Naya Rivera shows off her growing pregnancy booty (PHOTO)


Naya Rivera is all about embracing her pregnancy body. Let's face it--there aren't many beauty perks when you have a growing baby bump. Yes, the pregnancy glow does exist, but so do swollen feet, acne and stretch marks. Rivera is focusing on the positive points and celebrating her new found pregnancy booty. The 28-year-old posted a revealing photo showcasing her new asset and I have to say, she looks amazing!

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Walter Mercado's app + 10 other surprising things about the TV psychic

walter PHOTOS

Walter Mercado has a new project that he's working on with mucho, mucho, amor! The Puerto Rican astrologer is reportedly releasing his own astrology mobile app, which will include tarot card readings, daily quotes and your daily horoscope, of course. It's pretty amazing that the 84-year-old even knows what an app does! Must abuelos haven't retired their flip phones yet! Perhaps the stars told him this would be a hit. Mercado has lived a long life filled with a lot of amor and dinero. What was he up to before he became a money making spiritual genius? Click through to find out!

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Kylie Jenner isn't even 18 & she just bought a $2.7 million mansion (PHOTOS)

kylie PHOTOS

Kylie Jenner is not even 18 yet and she already has the perfect pad to celebrate her newfound adult freedom. The youngest Kardashian sister purchased a lavish $2.7 million mansion in her hometown of Calabasas, California. The irony is that Kylie is still too young to even pop champagne in honor of this milestone. Honestly, I would have pushed her to get a college education before dropping so much money on a mansion. Why does someone her age need so much independence anyway? She clearly doesn't have a Latina mom. Wait until you see what the house looks like!

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12 Telenovelas that need to be remade in English ASAP!


The Queen of the South is officially crossing over! The hit 2011 telenovela La Reina del Sur, originally starring Kate Del Castillo, is coming to USA Network in 2016. The addictive storyline about a powerful and no-nonsense female cartel leader broke ratings records on Telemundo. No wonder they want to bring the successful script to English-dominant audiences. Our telenovelas have proven to become crossover favorites in the past with Ugly Betty, Jane The Virgin and Killer Women all taking the spotlight. La Reina del Sur is a great way to keep the trend going, but we have more telenovelas suggestions that will surely get Gringo audiences hooked. Let us count down the telenovelas that should be in the running! 

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Rodner Figueroa honors the one woman in his life (PHOTO)


There's very little we know about Rodner Figueroa's life nowadays. The Venezuelan journalist has been living a low-key life in Miami, Florida since getting fired from Univision in March. As much as people have grown to despise and hate him, an equal amount of fans stand by his side. I personally don't think the man should be excommunicated because of one off-color remark. I believe everyone has a right to start over and redeem themselves. No matter what happens in Figueroa's life, he has proven that there's one woman who remains by his side no matter what. This definitely says a lot about his character!  

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Chiquis tells off Esteban Loaiza in the BEST way


The story of Jenni Rivera's family is like a long string that they keep pulling and pulling to create more and more. But, caramba, is there going to be a moment when they won't have any more string to hold on to? I say this because now, Chiquis Rivera has spoken publicly and has TOLD OFF her ex stepfather, Esteban Loaiza, in the best possible way. I'm afraid if he had been in front of her, he would have received a couple of well-deserved slaps in the face. It's not surprising though--these Riveras are always airing out their dirty laundry, even if it's problems they themselves created. 

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Jennifer Lopez rocks HUGE engagement ring & may already be planning 4th wedding!


Jennifer Lopez isn't hiding her back-on romance with beau Casper Smart and things are getting more serious than you may think. Word is that J.Lo may be taking a trip down the aisle for the fourth time with her dancer novio. While everyone was raving about her sexy sheer red dragon dress at the MET gala, many failed to spot that Lopez was rocking a huge rock on her ring finger. Insiders are now claiming that a secret wedding is in the works and you won't believe what it took for the "Love Don't Cost A Thing" singer to say yes. 

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Chiquis Rivera reveals sexy bikini look while on vacation (PHOTOS)

chiquis PHOTOS

Chiquis Rivera is off on her tropical getaway with friends and siblings Johnny, Jenicka and Jacquie. The published author is all about letting loose since successful completing her book tour for her memoir, Forgiveness, which became a New York Times bestseller. Yes! That's a reason to celebrate! Chiquis recently shared a photo showing off her bikini figure and I'm in love with her summer style. You have to check out her sexy beach look, one of many that Chiquis shares to show us that curvy women ROCK! 

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Look inside Ricky Martin's $11.5 million beach house!

ricky PHOTOS

Ricky Martin may no longer be living his vida loca, but he's still living it large. The Puerto Rican pop singer is constantly jetsetting with his twin boys Matteo and Valentino and loves providing a beautiful home for them to stay in. When Martin visits Sydney, Australia, he stays in a modern and unbelievably gorgeous beach house worth a reported $11.5 million. This house is probably the most extravagant beach house I've ever seen! The mansion is currently up for sale so whip out your checkbook or start playing the lotto if you want to snag this one!

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Kylie Jenner wears scandalous outfit to family dinner (PHOTO)


Kylie Jenner is 17 going on 35--at least that's what she looks like. The youngest Kardashian-Jenner sibling has been taking notes from her famous older sisters. She takes sexy selfies, has grown a bigger rear and cup size, and has even inspired a crazy teen lip challenge. What does a teen that has this much attention do with herself? Well, you throw on yet another scandalous outfit and go out to eat with your family. Does anyone else agree that this young girl is spiraling out of control? Wait until you see her outfit!

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