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Chiquis Rivera shows off flat tummy in revealing bathroom selfie (PHOTOS)

chiquis PHOTOS

Chiquis Rivera knows that taking a bathroom selfie is the definition of "feeling yourself." The 30-year-old star recently snapped a sexy selfie showing off her super flat tummy. Rivera has worked hard at maintaining her 30 pound weight loss and she looks amazing! Wait until you see all of the skin she was revealing! Look at the photo and check out ten ways she reminds us why curvy women rule. 

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Chiquis Rivera reveals her intense workout routine + 12 of her best photos since her weight loss

chiquis PHOTOS

Chiquis Rivera doesn't play around when it comes to her workout routine. The 30-year-old has managed to keep the weight off since dropping 30 pounds in late 2013. Chiquis is fine with sharing all of her secrets with her fans. She recently posted a workout video showcasing what her routine really looks like and it's pretty intense. That doesn't mean we shouldn't try this at home though! 

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Demi Lovato devastated over her dog's death + 11 Latino celebs who love their pets


We all know pets are members of the familia. Demi Lovato is mourning the loss of her dear puppy, Buddy, who passed away "in a tragic accident." The pop star has asked fans to give her privacy at this time.

I know firsthand that losing a pet is devastating. Wait until you read her emotional message about her dear pup and check out eleven other celebrity dog lovers. May Buddy rest in peace. 

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Mira la transformación de Andrea Legarreta a través de los años


Andrea Legarreta se encuentra de fiesta este fin de semana por su cumpleaños. La actriz y presentadora mexicana comenzó su carrera en el mundo del espectáculo con apenas 2 añitos participando en varios comerciales de televisión.

Pero fue luego de participar en 10 telenovelas que decidió dedicarse a la conducción y actualmente es una de las presentadoras del programa Hoy. Aquí te muestro un recorrido a través de su vida ¡Felicitaciones a la cumpleañera!

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Gina Rodriguez + 12 other Latino celebs who have written their own inspirational books


Golden Globe winning actress Gina Rodriguez has written an inspirational book with a title and topic that gives us all the feels. In I Can and I Will: Tools My Daddy Gave Me, the ever-bubbly, yet somehow genuine, celeb shares the best bits of advice her papi has given her throughout her life, in the hopes of lifting up and encouraging others. Honestly, could she be any sweeter? But Rodriguez isn't the only one of our celebs who has taken a break from their usual art to pen their own books. Check out more details on her book, plus 12 more Latino celebs turned authors.

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Jenni Rivera's multimillion dollar mansion is up for sale & you have to SEE inside!


Jenni Rivera's mansion in Encino, California is up for sale. Maybe the expenses became too much for her kids. Or maybe it's just too big for Chiquis and Johnny, the only two of Jenni Rivera's children left living at the compound-esque home (Jennicka is heading off to college!). What we do know is that it's not the first time it's been on the market, according to the listing, which has it newly on the market for a whopping $4.5 million. If you have that kind of money laying around, well, Jenni's sprawling estate could be totally yours. To convince you, let me tell you that it has seven bedrooms, 10 bathrooms, sits on acres and acres of land ... Bueno, why describe it, let me show it to you!

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Adamari López confirms her return to acting


We're counting down to the return of Adamari López to acting, and it seems like she is too! What great news! Let's be honest, we're also patiently waiting for our Ada to return to Un nuevo día. As moms, we know how hard it's going to be for her to leave little Alaïa those first few days of her return to work. Nevertheless, the plans she has are super exciting. Check out what's brewing for Ada in the next few months.

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Naya Rivera shows off her growing pregnancy booty (PHOTO)


Naya Rivera is all about embracing her pregnancy body. Let's face it--there aren't many beauty perks when you have a growing baby bump. Yes, the pregnancy glow does exist, but so do swollen feet, acne and stretch marks. Rivera is focusing on the positive points and celebrating her new found pregnancy booty. The 28-year-old posted a revealing photo showcasing her new asset and I have to say, she looks amazing!

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Walter Mercado's app + 10 other surprising things about the TV psychic

walter PHOTOS

Walter Mercado has a new project that he's working on with mucho, mucho, amor! The Puerto Rican astrologer is reportedly releasing his own astrology mobile app, which will include tarot card readings, daily quotes and your daily horoscope, of course. It's pretty amazing that the 84-year-old even knows what an app does! Must abuelos haven't retired their flip phones yet! Perhaps the stars told him this would be a hit. Mercado has lived a long life filled with a lot of amor and dinero. What was he up to before he became a money making spiritual genius? Click through to find out!

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Kylie Jenner isn't even 18 & she just bought a $2.7 million mansion (PHOTOS)

kylie PHOTOS

Kylie Jenner is not even 18 yet and she already has the perfect pad to celebrate her newfound adult freedom. The youngest Kardashian sister purchased a lavish $2.7 million mansion in her hometown of Calabasas, California. The irony is that Kylie is still too young to even pop champagne in honor of this milestone. Honestly, I would have pushed her to get a college education before dropping so much money on a mansion. Why does someone her age need so much independence anyway? She clearly doesn't have a Latina mom. Wait until you see what the house looks like!

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