Yay! 'Alcatraz' brings Jorge Garcia back to TV

First and foremost, let me come clean: I’m a Lost freak! I loved every twist and turn of that series, even the finale. I know this might put me in the minority, but I don’t really care. Lost was like TV crack for me and a large part of my love for the show stemmed from Jorge Garcia’s lovable character Hurley.

So imagine my delight when I first saw the previews for J.J Abrams latest mind-bending show, Alcatraz and there was my beloved Hurley, except this time his name is Diego "Doc" Soto and he’s playing an Alcatraz historian.


Sure, the plot-line is totally ludicrous. Alcatraz is based on the premise that back in 1963 when the infamous prison was supposedly closed and all the prisoners transferred, all of them actually disappeared and are now reappearing some 30 years later without aging. Oh, and they are pissed off by the way and hell bent on exacting revenge on the people who put them in prison to begin with. Garcia and his cop partner Rebecca’s job is to recapture these deviants before they get involved in any more crimes.

The show has basically been universally panned, but I think I’ll stick it out. I’m a fan of TV that makes you think, even if it’s about something as useless and unrealistic as time travel. Plus, the fact that Jorge Garcia is scoring regular work on TV just makes me happy. I’ll gladly support anything he is until Abrams and the writers either prove me right and the show gets way better, or I get a headache trying to follow the convoluted plot. Lost kept me hooked for years, and maybe Alcatraz will too. Either way, both Garcia and Abrams have proven that they are gifted storytellers and I think that earns them the right of a few more weeks of tuning in.

 Do you love Jorge Garcia? Did you watch Alcatraz last night? What did you think of the show?

Image via Fox/Youtube