5 Reasons we are so ready for 'American Idol' (and Jennifer Lopez) to return this week

There is no question that when Jennifer Lopez joined American Idol last year, the show got much better. Love her or hate her (and let’s face it, we love her), Idol, which returns for its 11th season this Wednesday, January 19,  provides the perfect platform for Jennifer to go from vulnerable to vixen. And while we are much more excited about Q’Viva: The Chosen for the music (and I’d rather watch Marc Anthony over Steven Tyler any day), we can’t wait to see what kind of headlines J.Lo makes this year on AI. Plus, it’s nice to see a Latina on mainstream TV pulling in the ratings without manipulating the accent.

Here, 5 things we can’t wait to see from Jennifer this year on American Idol


Her emotions: From getting angry over Pia Toscano being sent home to crying over eliminating Chris Medina, Jennifer showed the world that she wasn’t the ice princess the tabloids make her out to be. We expected Jenny to be all business and instead she was all heart. Even though she has promised to be tougher on contestants this year, we bet she will cry at least once.

What she is wearing: You know that even if you don’t watch the whole show, you snap on the first five minutes just to see what Jennifer is wearing. Sitting behind the judges table really makes her hair and makeup the focus and girl works the hair. Remember last year’s gravity defy updo? How about the headscarf?

Maybe a Latino will win again: Whether you consider Scotty McCreery Latino or not, there is no doubt that Scotty’s abuelita and Jennifer were ridiculously cute together, especially when Jennifer’s mom Lupe was in the mix. We would love to see some more Latino bonding on the show.

Maybe we will see the twins: We love to catch a glimpse of Max and Emme at any time, and we hear Jennifer has been bringing the kids to work. One of the best parts of last year’s Idol was that Jennifer’s family was such a part of her judging experience and we hope that now that she and Marc have separated, we don’t lose that completely.

She can full-on flirt now: Speaking of Marc being gone…Jennifer can now freely flirt with whoever she feels like, and we know she does have a soft spot for young Latino dancers. Jennifer also had a soft spot for Stefano Langone last year…

What are you looking forward to on American Idol this season?

Image via American Idol