These new Latino comedies are worth seeing

There's a new kind of comedy in town and they're hailing from Latin America. Proving that Spanish is crossing over more and more into mainstream Hollywood entertainment, there are two comedies set to hit a theater near in our native tongue.

Juan of the Dead is a zombie film that director Alejandro Brugues says offers commentary on how the citizens of Cuba manage to deal with crushing poverty in the island nation. Casa de Mi Padre is a big budget Mexican telenovela spoof starring none other than Will Ferrell. Diego Luna and Gael García Bernal, reunite for the third time (Y Tu Mamá También, Rudo y Cursi) for this Spanish language comedy, so it's not surprise that the film is hotly anticipated on both sides of the border.



You're probably thinking, "Wait, did you say Will Ferrell?" Yup, Ferrell did sign on to star in the Spanish language film! His buddies from Anchorman are behind the movie and it turns out that the comedian spent an intensive month learning the language before taking on the role of Mexican rancher Armando Álvarez.

Focus Features just made a major investment in Juan of the Dead, picking it for both a distribution deal in theaters across the United States as well as an aggressive digital plan. Look for it in various film festivals this spring and in limited theatrical release in April. Casa de Mi Padre is set to hit theaters on March 16.

We're excited that there seems to be a new wave of Latin comedy hitting Hollywood, now all we have to do is go out and support these wildly original films. Eva Longoria once said, "We have over 50 million Latinos in the United States that should have been watching The George Lopez Show. It’s the same with Latino films like Home For the Holidays, with John Leguizamo. It did not do well in theaters because Latinos did not go out and support it." It's true Mamás! We can't complain about never seeing ourselves reflected in TV and film if we don't go out and support Latino producers, actors and directors.

Check out the trailers and tell us: Are you planning on going to see Casa de Mi Padre or Juan of the Dead?

Casa de Mi Padre

Juan of the Dead