NY Giants' Victor Cruz is a hometown hero (VIDEO)

If you watched the New York Giants versus the San Francisco 49ers football game this past Sunday, you may have noticed wide receiver Victor Cruz on the field. But what you may not have known about the Puerto Rican and African American cutie is that he’s an inspiration to students and teachers from his former Paterson, NJ, school.

After being an undrafted free agent in 2010, he was signed by the Giants in the offseason and has become a sensation in his sophomore year. His recent success and adorable touchdown salsa has won over the hearts of Giants fans and even those of us who barely pay attention to sports during the regular season. He's quickly becoming a great role model.


Raised by a single mom in a city plagued by crime, Victor has become an inspiration to the teachers that knew him and the students that look up to him now. I think it’s a testament to how he was raised that he has been able to apply perseverance during his current rise to fame.

He’s caught my attention and, as I read more about his story, I’m intrigued by his dedication and humility. Former teachers remember him a driven, happy-go-lucky kid. That’s the kind of person I want my family look up to.

As the big game draws near, I’ll be watching the Super Bowl with some Latino flavor and cheering on the Giants for the ultimate victory. And I’ll be keeping an eye on Victor Cruz, whose story has inspired me to be a little more driven and who has taught me that perseverance always wins in the end.

Are you inspired by Victor Cruz’s football success in the face of past obstacles?

Image via Getty Images