Why Demi Lovato quits Twitter & Selena Gomez goes to the Congo

What does a teen girl do during her time off? For 19-year-old Demi Lovato, time off means quitting Twitter after getting into "trouble". Meanwhile Selena Gomez, also 19, tells E! Online that she’s going to visit the war-torn Democratic Republic of the Congo in April.

The former Disney stars are dealing with heartbreak in different ways. After her split from boyfriend Wilmer Valderrama, Demi took to Twitter with cryptic messages about learning to never need a man and a quote by Marilyn Monroe on leaving before she is left. Meanwhile, Selena dedicated a song to her mom at a UNICEF concert after she suffered a miscarriage in December and is now continuing her work with the organization by going to the Congo.


But how much is too much?

When I was a teen, splitting up with my boyfriend meant crying to my mom, eating ice cream with my best friend, and ignoring him at school. I didn’t head straight to Twitter to complain about how I “can’t please everyone,” as Demi said just before her Twitter break.

Selena recently announced that she was taking time off from music. Her hectic film schedules and recent family troubles may have something to do with it, but now she’s adding more on her plate with the UNICEF trip. Nothing wrong with staying busy, but why isn’t she doing more to help mom through the heartbreak?

These best friends are definitely taking two different approaches to loss. If it were me, dealing with either a breakup or a family health issue, I would want to keep my loved ones a little closer. Perhaps Demi will do the same during her Twitter break and maybe Selena will help others’ families during her trip.

How would you handle a crisis, by taking a break or keeping yourself busy?

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