Will Jennifer Lopez's 'Amigas, Inc.' be a hit for Tres: MTV, Music y Más?

Thanks to Jennifer Lopez and Wilmer Valderrama, your TV is about to get a little browner. Both stars are producing new shows for Tres: MTV, Music y Más. (I know, you were hoping theirs were the brown faces, sorry, too busy producing shows to star). Also joing the Tres lineup, Dulce Maria: Extranjera, a docuseries following former RBD star Dulce Maria as she tries to crossover to Hollywood.

Amigas, Inc., produced by Lopez, and The Ricardo Laguna Project, produced by Valderrama, will be 8 episode series focused on successful, aspirational teens. Thank god! If I see one more show about teen moms I may shoot myself. And while I am very excited, I am a little disappointed the shows rely on some other old MTV standards.


Amigas, Inc. as described by The Hollywood Reporter, is about a quinces.

Lopez will serve as executive producer along with Simon Fields and Jane Startz (Ella Enchanted, Tuck Everlasting) on Amigas Inc., an aspirational eight-episode television series that chronicles the lives of four entrepreneurial Miami teenagers who launch a party-planning business to throw their perfect Quinceneras (comparable to a "Sweet Sixteen"). Startz created the Amigas, Inc. book series and characters, which were inspired by Lopez.

OK, I get it, MTV really knows how to do shows about throwing parties. Quiero Mis Quinces was also renewed by Tres, announced at the same time.

Valderrama's show sounds to me a like like The Life of Ryan, no?

The Ricardo Laguna Project will offer a glimpse inside the life of Laguna as he attempts to break three world records, begin his own family business and balancing his family and Las Vegas social life.

Ricardo is a BMX racer and Ryan is a skateboarder, so that is different. But again, this is tried and true MTV territory, only with a different accent. I'm not trying to hate, because any time real Latinos come to TV is great. Valderrama and Lopez are making huge strides in real programming (I love Handy Manny and am so excited about Q'Viva: The Chosen I almost can't breathe) but it would be great if Tres was more than just knock-offs of MTV shows that do well already. Just bring Ricardo to MTV proper--he's super cute and I am sure any audience would love to see him beat three world records.

Do you think these shows are really Latino?

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