Vanessa Bryant asks judge to add daughter Capri to Kobe Bryant's trust

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The aftermath of losing a loved one that is rarely talked about is the large amount of paperwork and legal arrangements that must be done. Vanessa Bryant is currently undergoing that process after losing her husband, Kobe Bryant, and their daughter, Gianna, in January. Now, after the tragic death of the athlete, Vanessa is working with lawyers to try to amend Kobe's trust to include their youngest baby, Capri. 

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The little one was just 7 months old when her dad died, and the former Lakers star reportedly hadn't yet added her to the document before his untimely death. Now Vanessa is asking a judge to help include the baby girl so Vanessa can support her and their other two daughters, Natalia and Bianka.

Vanessa is ensuring all of her kids are financially protected.

Vanessa is ensuring all of her kids are financially protected.

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The mamá has reportedly filed legal documents to make sure all of her children are included in Kobe's trust. According to TMZ, the basketball star's widow is asking a judge to amend the document to include their youngest daughter, 9-month-old Capri. She was born in 2019, years after the most recent changes the couple made to the trust. 


Kobe hadn't yet included Capri in his trust.

According to documents obtained by TMZ Sports, Kobe hadn't had the time to include Capri in his trust since she was born just months prior to his death. The NBA legend created a trust for his wife and kids in 2003, and it had been amended several times since. The most recent update was done in 2017, following the arrival of daughter Bianka in 2016. The history of the documents shows that the couple amended the trust after welcoming each their first three children. 

Vanessa wants the judge to acknowledge Kobe's intent to care for his kids.

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Based on the current trust agreement TMZ obtained that the couple had created, "Vanessa, Natalia and Bianka can draw from the principal and income in the trust during Vanessa's lifetime, and then her kids get the remainder upon her death." Vanessa's wish is to have Capri added to that distribution. In the document, Vanessa is asking the judge to include the little one in the trust, which explains that Kobe had previously stated in one of the documents that his intent was to provide for his children.


Kobe was in no rush to amend the document.

Even though the little one was born in June 2019, Kobe, who was only 41 years old at the time of his death, did not feel pressure or a sense of rush to make the change. Not anticipating the tragic accident that took his life in January 26, the athlete was healthy and young, and he had no need to make the change so quickly. 

Vanessa and Kobe welcomed Capri in 2019.

The couple announced the arrival of their fourth child, another daughter, in June 2019, with the cutest photo of her. "Our little princess Capri Kobe Bryant “KoKo” 6/20/19 ❤️," Kobe captioned a post at the time. 

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