A child only turns 10 once. Seeing a kid go into her double digits in age is a special time for a parent. That was the case for Lorenzo Méndez who celebrated his daughter Victoria's 10th birthday this weekend with a super cool party. The little one chose an '80s theme for her celebration, and all her guests came dressed up in their best, colorful outfits to pay homage to the decade.

Victoria's stepmom, Chiquis Rivera, was also there, and she shared so many cute pics and videos from the party. To everyone's surprise, the party showed that Lorenzo and his ex, Claudia Galván, seem to be making it work in terms of co-parenting. They all even posed for a photo together. 

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Chiquis and Lorenzo have had a bit of a history with Claudia, and even some legal battles, but they all did the adult thing and showed a united front to make sure Victoria enjoyed her big day. The couple and Claudia have been in and out of courts with lawsuits but judging from the photos, that part of their life might be behind them. 

Now that Chiquis and Lorenzo are husband and wife and Chiquis is Victoria's stepmom, we hope that they have resolved their issues so that they can continue to co-parent peacefully and have a great time together like this. They all shared the cutest memories from the party and the pics are super adorable. Scroll through below to see the most adorable pics from Victoria's awesome '80s-themed birthday party. 

They all showed a united front. 1

Chiquis and Lorenzo posed for a pic with Claudia and the birthday girl. "United for the same cause... her! Happy bday my beautiful #VickyNicky! I love you! #80sfashion #party #MamaJay," Chiquis captioned this adorable post. 


Chiquis shared more cute pics from the party. 2

Lorenzo showed his love for his daughter and commented on the post and shared how grateful he was for his wife. "I love you so much baby ❤️ Vicky Nicky loves and respects her momma J 😊 Unforgettable time 🥳 #Familia," Lorenzo captioned the post. 


The little one got a super cool piñata. 3

This bright and colorful piñata in various neon colors is perfect for the theme! We love that it looks like an actual kid's party and not these overly done celebrity kids' birthday parties we've been seeing lately. Props to Lorenzo!

They shared some fun photo booth time. 4

Chiquis and her man posed for some silly pics with Victoria in what seems like a photo booth. Bright colors, icees, and costumes--what more can a kid want for their birthday?


Chiquis showed her fun side. 5

No matter where she goes, Chiquis isn't afraid to show her carefree and wild side. You're never too old to go down a slide, and Chiquis took her chance. 


Lorenzo posed for the cutest snaps with his little girl. 6

Seeing his little girl grow up so fast is probably such a bittersweet feeling for the famous dad. He was still all smiles while posing for cute pics with the birthday girl before she blew out her candles. 


They made sure to take time to make some TikToks. 7

Everyone loves TikTok! The birthday girl rounded up her guests to film an adorable TikTok video and if you have ever done that, you know it takes some time to create them, and that means some major quality time.

Lorenzo showed off his wife. 8

The singer shared a video on Instagram with his wife and showed off how cute her '80s-inspired outfit was! He called her "cutie" and she looked like she was beyond happy. 


Chiquis shared a video while she was getting ready. 9

She ordered an entire tracksuit outfit on Amazon, and it was definitely '80s-inspired. But she ended up getting an oil stain on it so she said she had to switch it at the last minute. 

She threw on a last-minute outfit. 10

She managed to pull together an adorable '80s outfit last minute and she honestly nailed her look! The biker shorts, the socks and the neon matching jewelry with the fishnet stockings really made it work. 


She added an extra touch. 11

The leather jacket pulled the look together and she looked so cool with the hot pink and black outfit. Sometimes you have to get really creative for themed parties.

The decorations for the party were so cute! 12

The multicolored 10 balloons with the matching cupcakes are so perfect! Victoria looked so happy surrounded by her friends and family while they sang "Happy Birthday."


The couple are doing a great job with balancing. 13

Chiquis and Lorenzo might be newly married, but they seem to have done a great job at keeping Victoria involved in their new life as a married couple. It's great that they can all blend together so nicely. 

Lorenzo showered his baby girl with so much love. 14

A father's love is unmatched, and seeing Lorenzo shower his little girl with all this love on her birthday is so special. Lorenzo dressed up like Run DMC, who were super popular in the '80s. He definitely nailed the look. 


Chiquis is super supportive. 15

It might be uncomfortable for some women to attend a birthday party knowing their husband's ex will be there, but Chiquis did so with a smile and a great attitude. She really is special!

This pic of them with a gumball machine is so cute! 16

This party is genuinely the cutest! There was a walking gumball machine, a slide, and so many other fun activities for the kids.


Some fans even got to pose for pics with the couple. 17

Chiquis and Lorenzo might have been busy having fun with Victoria but they still took some time to take a pic with this young fan. So cute!

Victoria looked like she had a great time. 18

We love seeing that she is still enjoying the simple things in life and her dad made sure to capture every moment during the party with the prettiest pics and videos. 


Victoria took a swing at the piñata. 19

Her dad was impressed with her swing and captioned this pic, "Dang!" The little one might have a future in the Major League Baseball. 

The pair really have fun together wherever they go. 20

It might have been a kids' party but Lorenzo and Chiquis know how to let their inner child shine through and they seem to have such a good time whenever they are together.