Chiquis Rivera cleans her house Latina-style to prevent coronavirus & it's hilarious


Chiquis Rivera is keeping her sense of humor during a crisis. The singer shared a hilarious video of herself on Instagram, dancing and twerking along to Bad Bunny's new song "Yo Perreo Sola" while cleaning her house amid the coronavirus pandemic.  

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While a lot of people are practicing social distancing and self-quarantining, Chiquis is making sure her house is clean from top to bottom to make sure she keeps the virus away. Like a true Latina, she pulled out the mop and the Fabuloso and blasted her favorite song, sharing it with the world to keep our spirits ups. 

Chiquis danced as she showed fans how she cleans her house.

"Latinas be like...#CoronaVirus? No worries! I got this," she captioned the funny clip. "Clean and twerk to disinfect and enjoy at the same time! @badbunnypr #YoPerreoSola #LatinasBeLike #Humor #BringingLightToOurSituation #SabadoDeLimpieza 🎥 Creative directors: @sarahkoudouzian #Chiquis."


She made sure to use the important tools.

Fabuloso is a must-have in every Latina's household. It leaves your floors looking and smelling good, and it was an important part of Chiquis' video while she mopped the floors in her living room. In this situation, a little something stronger like bleach will do the trick to make sure everything is bacteria- and virus-free in your home.  


This part really made us laugh out loud.

She used Vicks VapoRub as a perfume in one part of the clip, and that was accurate. There's really no illness that Latinos don't try to cure or keep away without the help of Vicks, and Chiquis did a great job at capturing that by using the ointment as perfume. 

We all have to find ways to keep ourselves entertained.

Chiquis seems to be taking this social distancing in a positive way by throwing her own party at home while listening to reggaeton and dancing along. Whatever we need to do to keep our spirits up works! 

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