Jennifer Lopez & Oprah were in close proximity to Rita Wilson days before her coronavirus diagnosis

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Oprah Winfrey, Jennifer Lopez, and Puerto Rican anchor Adamari López are among the celebrities who spent time with Rita Wilson a few days before her coronavirus diagnosis in Australia. They were together in Los Angeles for Oprah's 2020 Vision: Your Life in Focus tour, and already one of them has been tested for the scary virus, which has been declared a pandemic.

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Neither Rita nor husband Tom Hanks have revealed if they know when or how they got infected, or when they were tested. All that is known is that both of them are in isolation in Australia and in good shape after they tested positive for COVID-19, the name of the coronavirus disease. 

While not many details are known, it can take up to 14 days after exposure to the coronavirus to come down with COVID-19. Even without symptoms, people with COVID-19 can be contagious, which is why we are being asked to practice social distancing. Let's hope that everybody who has been in recent contact with Tom and Rita are taking precautions, and here is why.

Rita Wilson attended Oprah's conference on February 29.

This image was taken backstage at the Los Angeles stop of Oprah's 2020 Vision: Your Life in Focus tourThe event took place at The Forum, a space with capacity for 17,000 people in Inglewood, a city in southwestern Los Angeles County, California. The place was packed.


Jennifer Lopez was also at Oprah's conference in LA.

She was the main attraction that day and had an hour-long talk with Oprah onstage, where they embraced and talked about her life now that she is 50 years old. They also chatted about J.Lo's relationship with Alex Rodriguez and her disappointment after the Oscars snub, among other topics. We do not know if J.Lo and Rita Wilson greeted each other that day.

Telemundo's star Adamari López was also at Oprah's conference in LA.

Telemundo's star Adamari López was also at Oprah's conference in LA.


Oprah's tour is presented by WW (formerly Weight Watchers), and Adamari López is the ambassador of this diet plan for the Latino market. On Thursday, the Puerto Rican star revealed live on her morning show Un nuevo día that she had been in close contact with Rita Wilson during the event, raising alarm about a possible infection.


Telemundo took Adamari López off the air and issued the following statement to MamásLatinas.

"The health and safety of our employees is always our top priority. Adamari López will not be hosting Un Nuevo Día for the time being as she recently stated publicly that she had been in close proximity with someone that was later diagnosed with the coronavirus. She has undergone medical screening for the virus and is awaiting the results. In an abundance of caution and according to company protocol, as well as CDC Guidelines, she will stay home in the meantime. We look forward to having her back on the show soon."

We really hope they all are taking precautions just in case.

Both Oprah and Jennifer seem to be going about their lives. Let's hope that they have more information about when and how Rita Wilson got the coronavirus and know for sure that they are not infected and spreading the virus. In any case, this should be a cautionary tale for all of us. It's very easy to get the virus, so let's be careful and stay home.

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