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Celebrities are not immune when it comes to fear for their health and safety. As the world is dealing with the coronavirus pandemic, and as it has rapidly spread throughout the world in the past few months, stars have been forced to take precautions to deal with COVID-19 and to protect themselves, their loved ones, and fans from catching the virus. 

Major events in the entertainment industry, like Coachella and the 2020 South by Southwest Film festival, have been postponed or canceled so far, and a lot of stars have canceled their shows and performers to prevent people from being around large crowds. 

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These celebrities usually travel more than the average person because of their jobs, so they are more likely to be around people on airplanes and be in areas where there have been outbreaks. Most people who are able to are advised to work from home or avoid public transportation, but for celebrities, travel is just part of what they do for a living. 

They have been sharing photos and videos of the steps they are taking to stay safe, including the use of masks, cleaning their airplane seats, and obsessively washing their hands. Although masks have been said to not be effective at preventing people from catching the illness, the stars aren't taking any chances. Scroll through to see how the rich and famous are trying to stay safe amid the coronavirus outbreak. 

Naomi Campbell has been known to be a safe flyer. 1

In July 2019, the supermodel shared a video that went viral of herself cleaning her airplane seat thoroughly with wipes while wearing gloves and a mask. She was ahead of her time but now that there is something to actually worry about, she took things a step further and covered herself from head to toe. She posted this pic and captioned it: "Safety First NEXT LEVEL."

Raúl de Molina has to travel for work. 2

The TV host wore a mask while saying goodbye to his wife before a trip. He captioned the pic: "Returning from #losangeles @americanair better safe than sick. Getting extremely serious #coronavírus #scared get informed."


Kim Kardashian flies private. 3

The mom of four knows better than to take any risks when it comes to her health. There might be no passengers on her plane, but there is no telling who was sitting there before her. She shared this selfie wearing a mask, as part of her coronavirus prevention steps. 

Selena Gomez needs to take extra precautions. 4

The singer is part of the population that has a compromised immune system since she underwent a kidney transplant a few years ago. The singer took a trip to Chicago with her mom, Mandy Teefey, but made sure to wear a mask at the airport. 


Diplo deeply cleaned his airplane seat. 5

An airplane holds so much bacteria and germs and this is something that should become a common practice among all travelers. We spend hours above a plane, sleeping and leaning on the seats, so the DJ is right in making sure his space is thoroughly cleaned.


The Harveys tried to keep safe on a plane. 6

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😷 #Harvey’s

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Steve Harvey and his wife, Marjorie, posed for a selfie wearing a mask and holding hand sanitizer while sitting in an airplane. While most doctors say washing with soap and water is best, hand sanitizer can be helpful on planes.


Gwyneth Paltrow takes her health seriously. 7

"En route to Paris. Paranoid? Prudent? Panicked? Placid? Pandemic? Propaganda?" she captioned a photo of herself wearing a mask. "Paltrow’s just going to go ahead and sleep with this thing on the plane. I’ve already been in this movie. Stay safe. Don’t shake hands. Wash hands frequently. 😷."

Mariah Carey is playing it safe. 8

The singer announced that she is postponing her March concert in Honolulu, Hawaii, to November because of "evolving international travel restrictions." She is the latest artist to announce she is rescheduling or indefinitely postponing shows, joing other acts like Marc Anthony, Miley Cyrus, Mariah Carey, Madonna, and Pearl Jam.


Cardi B is scared and getting her home ready. 9

The rapper is starting to panic. She revealed in a not safe for work video that she is afraid of how real the illness is getting now that it is quickly spreading. She captioned the clip: "Ya keep playing I’m SCARED. I’m stocking up on food."

Nacho "Miguelito" Mendoza threw on a mask. 10

The singer was traveling amid the outbreak and he played it safe with a mask. It's better to be safe than sorry when it comes to these things, so he did the right thing.


Prince Harry is skipping the handshakes. 11

Prince Harry proved to be a smart man by creating his own version of a handshake that prevents him from having skin to skin contact with other people. He might not have had a choice in skipping the public events during his visit to England in March, but that doesn't mean he couldn't protect himself by not shaking people's hands.

Mark Ronson knows hand washing is key. 12

The musician is listening to authorities who are advising people to thoroughly wash their hands for at least 20 seconds with the help of popular tunes like "Happy Birthday."


Bella Hadid has to keep traveling but she took precautions. 13

The supermodel posed for a pic on a plane while rocking a face mask. Models do a lot of traveling that often can't be avoided, but sometimes it's best to stay home at a time like this. 

Kate Hudson covered herself while traveling. 14

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Travel. 2020. #😳

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The actress made sure she had a mask handy during a recent trip she took on an airplane. Because she's a mom, it's important for her to keep herself healthy. She snapped a selfie to show off her mask, and captioned it: "Travel. 2020. #😳."


Brody Jenner took a chance while traveling to Asia. 15

The TV personality couldn't skip out on a big event regardless of the dangers. He took a selfie at the Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport while he headed to a friend's wedding. 

Osmel Sousa has to be extra careful. 16

Elderly people have been told to be extra cautious during this outbreak since the illness is more dangerous for people who are older than 60 years of age. He wore a mask in a photo he snapped at the airport during a recent trip. 


Summer Walker didn't take any chances. 17

The singer covered herself from head to toe when news broke out that coronavirus was being spread to other countries outside of China. It might have seemed a bit extra at the time, but now it looks like she was most likely making the right choice.

Justin Bieber sent his love to China in February. 18

The singer quickly reacted to the coronavirus news at the beginning of February by sending his prayers to his fans in China. "Watching the news I couldn’t imagine how scary it would be if a new disease was effecting my wife and my family and friends," he captioned the clip. "China we stand with you as a collective humanity and have made a donation to support. Whether it be this or the fires of Australia we all need to be there for eachother."


Katy Perry helped by raising awareness. 19

The singer recorded a video for her fans in China to encourage them to stay healthy and positive amid the outbreak in early February. This is affecting so many parts of the world so it's important to stay united. 

John Legend made a great point about the music industry. 20

The singer pointed out that now that many events are being canceled like parades, concerts, and festivals, it shows just how many of these events are not needed, and require people to travel unnecessarily. He's giving us all something to think about.