Jennifer Lopez & Alex Rodriguez win new 'Flip the Switch' TikTok challenge in hilarious video

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Couple goals! Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez have yet again proved how in sync they are with their latest TikTok video. The couple took on the trending Flip the Switch TikTok challenge, and it is hilarious. The purpose of the challenge is for the two people in the video to switch roles halfway through while Drake's song "Nonstop" plays in the background.

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The song's lyrics say, "I just flipped the switch, flip flip," and that's when the lights go off and the pair switch places. J.Lo and A-Rod fully committed to the challenge and traded outfits and dance moves, and they absolutely nailed it.  If you can't have fun with your significant other like they do, then what's the point?

The couple really killed it with this hilarious video.

J.Lo was wearing one of her signature body-hugging dresses, while Alex wore a navy blue blazer, a white button-down, and glasses. Once the lights went off, the couple traded outfits, and A-Rod mimicked his fiancée's dance moves while rocking a white dress and her hoop earrings. 


Take a moment to appreciate Alex's commitment to the challenge.

We can't get over Alex's dance moves while rocking those hoop earrings and that outfit like a pro. A-Rod was not afraid to throw on a dress if it meant creating some solid content for his fans to enjoy. We really can't take how cute these two are and how much fun they have together. 


The couple got the thumbs up from Drake himself.

The couple got the thumbs up from Drake himself.

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The pair got the approval of Drake himself for their take on the challenge with his 2018 song from his album Scorpion. He joined Alex's famous friends in the comments section and responded with a simple fire emoji. The rapper and J.Lo were rumored to have dated in 2017, but that seems to not have affected his friendship with her or the former baseball player.

It's so good to see how much fun they have together.

Alex and J.Lo are constantly sharing videos of their times together, and they seem to have such a great time no matter what they are doing. The two stay current and keep each other laughing, all while giving their fans plenty of fun content to watch. 


The song might be old, but it's picking up steam thanks to TikTok.

People on TikTok have resurrected the song after two years by coming up with the funny challenge that has people switching roles with just about everyone in their lives. Grandmothers, babies, boyfriends, and girlfriends have taken on the challenge, and it's internet gold. 

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