Jennifer Lopez gives a close-up look at her killer curves in a white bathing suit

Jennifer Lopez/Instagram

Jennifer Lopez rarely slows down, but when she does, she does it so well. The superstar took some time off to head to the beach, and just like the rest of us, she documented her rare vacation day, and the pictures she posted are amazing. She shared some snaps of herself on Instagram on Wednesday, March 5, and she looks beyond amazing. 

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The "Dinero" singer rocked a one-piece one bathing suit that fit her so perfectly and made her skin look even more radiant. The backless design really suits her incredibly chiseled back. After all, she was hitting the gym hard in preparation for the Super Bowl halftime show in February, and it's clear that she has kept her physique in incredible shape since. 

J.Lo shared the steamiest video of herself at the beach.

"No one likes a shady beach," she captioned this steamy post of herself in a one-piece white bathing suit that gave a close-up look at her curves, including her famous backside. The superstar has had quite a busy few months, with awards season and co-headlining the Super Bowl halftime show, so it's great to see her take some time off to enjoy the beach.


She likes to document her trips to the beach, just like the rest of us.

Jen was enjoying the trip by snapping some glowing selfies of herself enjoying the sun. Her skin looks amazing like always, and we see how she has kept it like that all these years--a big hat is key for covering our skin from the dangers of the sun.  


Jen flexed her back muscles.

There is so much to take in with this photo. The bathing suit design is so gorgeous. It's totally backless, with beautiful cut-outs around the hips. J.Lo's back muscles look phenomenal, and you can definitely tell she has been hitting the weights at the gym! We would be smiling just as big as she is if we looked this good.

She might just be in the best shape of her life.

Jen gave another angle of herself in this bathing suit, and it is mesmerizing. Her waist look so tiny, and her shoulders and back are impressively toned and shapely. Jen is really making 50 look so good, and we love her for it.


Jen posed for selfies with her friends.

Her vocal coach, Stevie Mackey, and her friend and photographer, Ana Carballosa, were there soaking up the sunshine with her. Her team works just as hard as she does, so it's great to see them spend some relaxing moments together. 

A recent video Stevie shared reminds us why J.Lo looks so good.

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I promise I was keeping up.. until😩😂

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Stevie hit the gym with J.Lo, and while he was struggling, Jen was working hard on her arm and back routines. There's a reason why Jen looks just as good now as she did 20 years ago--if not better! That reason is that she has devoted her life to taking care of herself and pushing herself mentally and physically inside and outside of the gym. We have seen her show off her workout routines more and more since she started dating athlete Alex Rodriguez, and her body is truly looking better than ever. 

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