More than 1K people complained to the FCC about Jennifer Lopez & Shakira's halftime show

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Remember how back in February Jennifer Lopez and Shakira killed it during the Super Bowl halftime show and while many of us were singing their praises, the haters started voicing their disapproval immediately? Pearls were being clutched across the nation because J.Lo and Shakira had the nerve to shake their hips and booties while wearing outfits that showed their legs, midriffs, and even some cleavage. Much of the criticism seemed to come from mothers who felt the show was not family-friendly and were so upset because they had to clutch their pearls with one hand while shielding their children's eyes with the other. 

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The complaints seemed laughable and hypocritical to many. Especially if you consider what NFL cheerleaders wear. Like, when's the last time you looked at the cheerleaders at an NFL game? Because they aren't wearing much of anything and no one seems to be complaining about children being exposed to their legs, midriffs, and cleavage. Nope, no complaints about them, but put two Latinas on stage, dancing like Latinas dance, and OMG over 1,000 people complain to the FCC. Yup, over 1,000 people filed complaints about the 2020 Super Bowl performance and you won't believe what some of them had to say.

Here are a few examples of the kinds of complaints the FCC received.

An ABC affiliate news station was able to get a copy of the 1,132 complaints the FCC received. Here are just a few examples to give you an idea of what people were upset about:

Who ever green lit that display of crotch shots and too much skin exposed along with stripper poles and S&M outfits should be fired. It’s 8:30PM, kids are still up watching the game. What the hell? I’m sure that there are lots of parents explaining that’s not really how one should behave in public. Is this really what we can expect? I’m out. I don’t watch porn and don’t want it mixed up with football. Boooo," wrote one viewer from Tennessee.

"Outfits worn by lead singers were in very poor taste and pornographic. The hip thrusting and movements on the center stage were absolutely not appropriate for a family viewing audience," wrote a viewer from Nebraska.

"I am disgusted by the pornographic Super Bowl Halftime Show performed by Jennifer Lopez and Shakira on 02 Feb 2020 on Fox. Such an unscrupulous, overt display encourages the sexual subjugation of young women while stimulating the sexual underworld and the sex trade. Please enforce some decency standards and protect our daughters from the normalization of objectification," wrote a viewer from Colorado.

"I do not subscribe to The Playboy Channel, we do not buy porn for $20 a flick, we simply wanted to sit down as a family and watch the Super Bowl. God forbid we expected to watch football and a quick concert but instead had our eyes molested," wrote another viewer from Tennessee.

There are a lot of accusations that call the performance "porn," "soft porn," "pornographic," and such. There are accusations of the performance going against the #MeToo movement as well saying that it encouraged sex trafficking.


Where was all this indignation when Adam Levine took his shirt off?

During the 2019 halftime show, Adam Levine took his shirt off and performed a good chunk of the show topless. Were people upset by his sweaty, toned, tattooed torso? How many complaints were filed because he was showing too much skin? About 50. Yup, about 50 people complained after seeing Adam Levine take his shirt off and gyrate his man parts. That's not a lot.


Also, let's keep the complaints in perspective.

According to Variety, Super Bowl LIV was watched by 102 million people. That means that if 1,312 people complained that's .00128% of total viewers. The complaints are getting a lot of attention, maybe more than they deserve considering how small the percentage is.

Another thing to keep in mind is that even if J.Lo and Shakira were wearing outfits that revealed a lot of skin, were they really? On the lower halves of their bodies both women seem to be wearing flesh-toned body stockings that are holding everything in place and ensuring that there would be no wardrobe malfunctions. Adam Levine, on the other hand, was totally bare everywhere that he was bare.

So are complainers being hypocrites?

Maybe. The thing is that it's a free country and we're all allowed to express our opinions and indignation about whatever we want. So, those who complained have every right to complain. However, those complaints don't mean that Jennifer Lopez and Shakira did anything wrong during the Super Bowl halftime show.


Make up your own mind.

Watch Shakira and Jennifer Lopez's performance again--or for the first time--and make up your mind for yourself. I myself am a mother and I watched the performance live. Not once was I offended. Instead, I was amazed by these women. Their strength and talent was on full display and I was incredibly proud to see two Latina women take the stage and set it on freakin' fire.

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