Kim Kardashian, Kanye West and their childrem
Kim Kardashian/Instagram

Every time Kim Kardashian shares a glimpse inside the home she shares with hubby Kanye West and their four children, everyone comments about the place is so minimalist and monastic. For the most part, the home is incredibly stark, monotone, and devoid of furniture, but Kim took to her Instagram Stories to share her kids' playroom and it's like WOW. WOW in the sense that her kids North, Saint, Chicago, and Psalm share a playroom that although being incredibly organized and not at all cluttered like most playrooms, is certainly not minimal by any stretch of the imagination.

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To begin with, the room is ginormous. It is so big that each child has a designated area for his or her particular toys and the space still doesn't look crowded. There are art supplies galore, an area for doing homework, a kind of music stage platform with instruments, and a closet space filled with costumes, costumes, and more costumes.

What's crazy is that given how many toys and assorted items are contained in the room it is somehow all so meticulously organized. There are built-in cabinets and drawers dedicated to holding Lego blocks, tracks, crayons organized by color, and so on. There's a point in one of the videos where Kim says they try to keep it all neat and it makes you wonder if there is a cleaning crew dedicated to keeping the playroom looking like a showroom.

Take a look for yourself.

This is a sort of overview of the whole space. 1

It looks like two rooms that kind of flow into each other. Notice the ball pit in the center of the room. What kid wouldn't love to play here?


Apparently, North is really into O.M.G. dolls. 2

Kim shared that 6-year-old North is "obsessed" with O.M.G dolls, which are pretty much just a larger version of L.O.L. dolls. These dolls are popular with kids North's age.


These treasures belong to Saint. 3

Saint is 4 years old and from the looks of it, enjoys playing with trucks and dinosaurs. He also loves his stuffed animals, which are all grouped together at the top.

These are Chicago's baby dolls. 4

Looks like Chicago, who is 2 years old, isn't into the L.O.L. dolls and prefers dolls she can push around in cute strollers. Actually, those are more like prams than strollers.


This is Psalm's area. 5

Psalm, being the youngest child, has an area filled with toys appropriate for his age and stage of development. Everything is close to the ground and easy for him to reach.



Go ahead and take the full tour with Kim. 6

Kim filmed the room as she was cleaning up for the night and because she wanted everyone who always says that her house is so minimal that when it comes to the kids' playroom, it's totally not. You'll get to see all the fun things in the space and she'll also show you where the kids study and do their homework because this room isn't just for play.