Jennifer Lopez and Shakira will pay tribute to Kobe Bryant at Super Bowl

Shakira and Jennifer Lopez
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Jennifer Lopez and Shakira spoke together at a press conference on Thursday, January 30, where reporters got to ask them all kinds of questions about their upcoming Super Bowl halftime performance. One subject that kept coming up was Kobe Bryant and whether they would be doing some kind of tribute for him during their 12-minute performance. Interestingly, both of the performers' significant others were friends with Kobe. Soccer player Gerard Piqué was the one who delivered the news to Shakira and former MLB player Alex Rodriguez was in tears when he told Jennifer that Kobe and Kobe's daughter, Gianna, had died in a helicopter crash.

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So will there be a tribute to Kobe Bryant during? According to J.Lo, there will be a "heartfelt" moment in the performance. Kobe's sudden death is so shocking that it would seem strange not to somehow acknowledge it during a huge sporting event.

Understandably, the two performers don't want to share too many details of what exactly they will be doing when they hit the stage because they want everyone to be surprised. They did, however, share a few things during their press conference and when they spoke about Kobe, they both got emotional. How could they not?

Jennifer's emotional reaction to Kobe's death.

You can hear the emotion in J.Lo's voice as she talks about Kobe's death. Especially when she talks about Vanessa, Kobe's widow. "I think about Vanessa as a mom and losing her best friend and partner and losing her child," she said. "And I think how awful that must be for her right now."


Here's the full press conference in case you want to watch the whole thing.

Our ears perked up towards the beginning Jennifer gets asked if her children will be performing with her. She did not give a definitive yes or no reply, which has us hoping that the answer is yes. It's not like she hasn't performed with Emme before. We'll just have to wait and see.


The press conference was held at the Hilton Hotel in Miami, Florida.

The press conference was held at the Hilton Hotel in Miami, Florida.

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Shakira looked casual and laid-back while Jennifer was more on the dressed-up side. The women took turns answering questions from reporters and it wasn't long before Kobe Bryant's name came up. "We'll all be remembering Kobe on Sunday and celebrating life and diversity in this country," Shakira said. "I'm sure he'd be very proud to see the message we are trying to convey on stage that day." 

Shakira and Jennifer will take the stage at halftime on Sunday, February 2.

NFL commissioner Roger Goodell also confirmed during his annual pre-Super Bowl press conference that a tribute of some sort was in the works for Sunday. “We as a league have been very responsive and I think respectful of somebody who contributed so much to sports,” he said Wednesday, January 29. "We also lost one of our own legends last night, Chris Doleman, who I personally was very fond of and meant a great deal to me and the league. I think both of those individuals will be seen on Sunday in some fashion in a respectful way."

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