Fans react to Shakira & Jennifer Lopez Super Bowl LIV halftime show with hilarious memes

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It is almost expected that after every major pop culture moment, social media will be flooded with hilarious reactions from fans. Super Bowl LIV went down on Sunday, February 2, and it was no exception. Fans had been anticipating Shakira and Jennifer Lopez's takeover of the halftime show, and the Latinas rocked the stage in the best way, but they also inspired some pretty hilarious, proud, and creative reactions from their fans.   

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While all shows of this magnitude are subject to criticism, plenty of viewers seemed to have enjoyed the Colombian and Puerto Rican stars' performance, and some moments from the show will definitely live on in our memories for quite some time. Here are some of the funniest and most important Super Bowl halftime show reactions from this year. 

The Latino pride was palpable.

Shakira and J.Lo shared the stage with both J Balvin and Bad Bunny, as well as dancers and performers straight from Colombia. The show was a display of our culture, and our people had a moment of immense pride. 


Shakira's moment went viral.

While some found the moment Shakira did a zaghrouta, an Arabic expression of joy and celebration, downright hilarious and out of place, it became a learning experience for a lot of people unfamiliar with the culture. But it also produced countless memes.


J.Lo's spin on a pole reminded fans of tacos.

This was such a great visual, and now we are also in the mood for some tacos. 

The flag trick was breathtaking.

J.Lo had a custom-made Versace coat that showed the United States flag on one side and the Puerto Rican flag on the other. Seeing the PR flag displayed like this was so beautiful.


J.Lo got political in one portion of the show.

While her daughter, Emme, was singing "Let's Get Loud," the camera captured a bunch of children, including Emme, as they sat inside cages surrounding the stage. It was a subtle and artistic way to bring attention to what is happening at the border at the moment. 

There was a lot of criticism following the show.

The NFL has received some backlash in the past for the way it deals with race and other controversial topics. A lot of viewers were not pleased seeing two Latina women singing, in Spanish, during the halftime show--but that's exactly what they got!


The show will surely be watched over and over again.

The NFL shared the performance on YouTube soon after the show was over, and it received millions of views in a matter of hours.

This guy was an accurate representation of Latinos last night.

If you weren't standing in front of your TV screaming last night, you might have some things to reconsider.


People had their choreography ready!

Shakira kicked off the show with "She Wolf," and her fans were excited! The singer and her signature moves really hit home.

J.Lo and Shakira are out of this world.

A lot of people highlighted just how remarkable these two ladies are at performing. People half their age don't have this kind of energy.


They proved once again that they are timeless.

J.Lo and Shakira have been known for maintaining their youth in the most graceful way, and after this show, they showed us what two women ages 50 and 43 are capable of.

Some people were furious.

Some believed that their dancing and their outfits were a bit too revealing and sexy for a halftime show, claiming it was inappropriate. 


This moment is engraved in our memories.

Two of the most famous rear ends in the world united, and in this moment, world peace did exist.

This old Lady Gaga clip perfectly explains the moment.

She perfectly captured how most Latino fans felt about their performance.