Gloria Estefan to host 'Red Table Talk' spin-off with daughter Emily & Lili Estefan

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The Estefans are taking over Facebook. Gloria Estefan, daughter Emily Estefan, and Lili Estefan have joined the Facebook Watch family with their own talk show titled Red Table Talk: The Estefans. The series will be a spin-off of the hit show Red Table Talk with Jada Pinkett Smith, her daughter Willow Smith, and mom Adrienne Banfield Norris.

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The Smiths have extended their deal with Facebook, and new episodes will stream through 2022. Now the Estefans will put their own spin on the series from Miami, Florida. They will cover topics and groundbreaking conversations that are expected to be as impactful as the original show. 

Gloria Estefan announced the news on Instagram.

The iconic singer shared a screenshot from the article announcing the spin-off, which she will be executive producing. "So excited to finally share #RTTEstefans @redtabletalk @facebookwatch 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻," she wrote on Instagram on Wednesday, January 22. “I’m incredibly excited to carry the Red Table Talk torch with my family in Miami,” Gloria said to Deadline. “Jada and I have spoken about this a lot and feel my daughter, niece and I can tackle issues important to us and our fans with a new and fresh voice. Jada has done this incredibly and continues to do with her family in their candid, intimate, and groundbreaking conversations at the iconic Red Table.”


Lili Estefan shared a photo with Jada Pinkett Smith.

"Next to these powerful women.. Red Table Talk: The ESTEFANS #RTTEstefans," she shared following the announcement on Wednesday, January 22. Just like the original, the show will focus on three women representing different generations while they discuss important issues with family, famous guests, and experts.  


Jada Pinkett Smith will also serve as an executive producer.

“I’m incredibly proud of Red Table Talk, and thrilled to build upon this franchise with my family and with Gloria, Emily and Lili,” the actress told the publication. “Red Table Talk has created a space to have open, honest and healing conversations around social and topical issues, and what’s most powerful for me is hearing people’s stories and engaging with our fans in such a tangible way on the Facebook Watch platform. I’m excited to see the Estefans put their spin on the franchise and take it to new places.”

'Red Table Talk' has been a huge success for Facebook.

The show is beloved by fans and is one of Facebook Watch's biggest successes, so it makes sense why the social media giant wants to expand that brand. The show's first episode garnered more than 27 million views when it premiered in 2018. It also received a Daytime Emmy Award nomination in 2019 in the talk show category. 

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