Did Jacqie Rivera and husband Michael Campos separate again?

Jacqie Rivera/Instagram

Jacqie Rivera's fans are wondering if she and her husband, Mike Campos, have separated again. The couple announced in August 2019 that they had reconciled after being separated for some time, and they were expecting their fourth child together. Just weeks into the new year, fans are speculating that there might be trouble in paradise after a few signs point to the pair not being together anymore.

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Jacqie's comments section on Instagram is filled with questions from fans about the status of their relationship, and one of the quotes she recently shared is causing even more concern. The couple previously said they were calling off the divorce and staying together as they prepared for the arrival of their fourth baby. 

Jacqie's recent posts on Instagram have raised some questions.

The reality TV star showed off her baby bump in an adorable photo on Tuesday, January 14, but the caption on the Instagram post is what grabbed her fans' attention. “Pasado pisado, presente de frente y futuro sin apuro,” she wrote, which means the past is gone, the present must be faced, and the future shouldn't be rushed. 


They aren't following each other on Instagram.

In the year 2020, a couple not following each other on social media is usually cause for concern. There's no telling if they ever followed each other after reconciling, but for now, they are not keeping up with each other's posts on Instagram. 


The family went on a trip for New Year's, but Mike was noticeably missing.

For their end-of-the-year trip in 2019, the Riveras headed to Mammoth Lakes, California, for a family vacation. Jacqie and the rest of her family shared pics from the getaway, but Mike seemed to have missed the trip.

The couple spent Thanksgiving together.

Things seemed to be going well between them at the end of November. Mike shared this photo on Instagram of himself along with the Rivera clan and his kids for Thanksgiving 2019. 


His last post about Jacqie was months ago.

Mike is pretty active on Instagram, but his last post about his wife was in early November, before the Thanksgiving pic. "I love you and I think you’re amazing. Without a doubt beautiful," he captioned a gorgeous pic of her.

Jacqie still has this selfie of them on her page.

This is the most recent post that Jacqie shared that Mike was in. She shared this cute selfie in September 2019 and captioned it: "And suddenly you just know its time to start over again and trust the process and magic of new beginnings." She hasn't shared anything about him since.


The couple was forced to announce that they were back together.

The gospel singer uploaded a video to YouTube in August to let her fans know that she and Mike were giving their marriage another shot. Not only that, but they also revealed that they were expecting another child together after news leaked that she was pregnant. The couple seemed committed to starting over and giving their marriage another shot at the time.