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The internet knows how to make light of just about any situation. When news broke that Prince Harry and Meghan Markle were stepping down from their duties as senior members of the royal family in Britain on Wednesday, January 8, social media had a field day. People came up with some hilarious memes about the situation, and they haven't stopped since. 

People tackled everything from where the royals would work in the future to how Queen Elizabeth reacted to the news. Some people supported their decision, while others reacted to the news by making fun of the couple.

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There aren't many topics or situations that people don't react to by creating posts that provide some form of comedic relief. The couple's announcement that they were backing down from their roles and moving part-time to North America was no exception. The couple's new life will most likely continue to inspire a ton of content on social media. Scroll down to see some of the funniest and most creative memes and posts so far.  

This GIF is so perfect! 1

A little girl waving goodbye on her way down a slide is exactly how we envisioned Meghan getting on a plane and heading to Canada while leaving the royal life behind.


This one imagined a conversation between Meghan and the Queen. 2

This one used a clip of one of Cardi B's funniest moments during her time on Love & Hip Hop: New York, but in this version, the Queen is the one demanding answers from her grandson's wife.


This clip of Lizzo fit right in with the situation. 3

Lizzo shared a few videos on her page of her getting on a golf cart and saying, "Bye b--tch!" after one of her performances. And one Twitter used said that was how Meghan and Harry felt after sharing their statement on Instagram.

A SpongeBob meme is always necessary. 4

The hilarious SpongeBob meme went viral in 2019, and it made a comeback this year to show the couple's attitude when making their royal exit.


Many pointed out the great lengths Harry was willing to go for his wife. 5

Some people expected Harry to side with the monarchy instead of his wife, but like the woman in the video above, the prince was not having it.


This clip is so funny! 6

This describes the way Meghan quickly packed her bags, and it was reported that she was already in Canada just days after the announcement was made. 


Some people really wish they knew what was happening behind closed doors. 7

This person wanted to be a fly on the wall to see what was really happening during the meeting between Prince Harry and the Queen. 

In the middle of Megxit, we heard very little about Archie. 8

Very little has been said about Prince Harry and Meghan's son, Archie, but a GIF of Baby Yoda sipping tea feels right.


This person had a laugh about the irony in all this. 9

While there were so many people who were constantly criticizing the couple to break them apart, it seems to have only made their love stronger.

This 'Power Rangers' clip is so funny. 10

Someone created a video of the royal family dressed up as the Power Rangers to get ready for their meeting with Prince Harry. 


This person joked about how the former actress would be packing up. 11

This person shared a clip from a show of a woman packing up nearly everything in her surroundings and said that is how Meghan would be getting ready to head out of the UK. 


This one shows how the news might have affected Kate Middleton. 13

After Harry and Meghan said they would be stepping down from their roles as senior members of the royal family, one thing was clear: Someone has to step up and fill in for them. 

Kris Jenner is a good example of how the couple probably felt. 14

This clip of Kris Jenner dancing on a plane is almost too perfect! Kim Kardashian looking frustrated in the background is also how the rest of the royals most likely felt when they heard the news. 


Everyone was a little concerned about Prince Harry's future. 15

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Some wondered what Harry would be doing for a living since he and his wife decided to become financially independent from his family. This person assumed he would be working at a fast-food joint. 

This was a reaction to Madame Tussauds moving their wax figures. 16

The day after the couple announced they were leaving their senior roles in the royal family, the wax museum in London removed its figures from the royal family set.  


People joked about the couple doing their own thing. 17

It was rumored that the couple did not consult with anyone in the royal family before making their major announcement.  

Fans assumed there would be a celebration at their house. 18

Fans imagined Harry, Meghan, and baby Archie celebrating their newfound freedom with a funny family dance. 


This clip was used again in a super-funny way. 19

This one was about Meghan bumping into the Queen on her way out of the palace, and it's just too funny.

This one had quite a good idea. 20

Using a popular photo of Meryl Streep, this person encouraged Meghan to pocket some royal jewelry before making her exit from the palace.