Chiquis Rivera
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The Kardashians are known for throwing over-the-top epic parties, but Chiquis Rivera and her husband Lorenzo Méndez gave them a run for their money this weekend. How so? Well, the couple hosted a winter wonderland themed Christmas party that could have been thrown by a Kardashian, except the music was better, the food was better, the dancing was better, and well, you get the point.

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We're not trying to put down the Kardashians, but anyone who has been to a Latino party knows that they are freakin' awesome. Even a party in your tía's basement is off the hook, so imagine what a party thrown by Chiquis is like. But don't worry, you don't have to imagine because we've got pics.

These pictures prove that when it comes to throwing parties, Chiquis and Lorenzo can out-Kardashian a Kardashian. Pretty soon the Kardashians will be like, "Hey, maybe we should throw a party that's as great as the ones that Chiquis throws." And another Kardashian will like, "Oh, I don't know if we can even aspire to that kind of fabulosity."

Check out the pictures of the Chiquis Christmas bash to see what we mean.

Becky G was there. 1

She attended the party with her boyfriend soccer bae Sebastian Lletget. From the looks of it, they had a blast.


Jacqie Rivera was literally glowing. 2

Of course, the other Rivera children were in attendance. Look at Jacqie! She looks absolutely stunning in that shimmery dress that shows off her baby bump.


Jenicka Lopez was in the house. 3

Jenicka, Chiquis' sister, wore a sparkly dress with casual kicks. Perfect for dancing the night away.

Here's Johnny! 4

Chiquis' youngest brother posted this picture of himself looking all retro dapper. He wrote: "It’s a winter wonderland at our house! ❄️⛄️" He's right about that, for sure.


Lorenzo thought the party was epic. 5

Check him and his wifey Chiquis out taking a selfie with Eddie "Piolín" Sotelo. Big smiles on all of their happy faces.


It was a full house! 6

We're thinking the dress code must have been winter white or winter wonderland best. Everyone seems to have gotten the memo.


The party was smokin’! 7

Or at least Lorenzo and realtor/decorator Andrea Regla got their smoke on with some big fat cigars. Is it a filter or does Lorenzo have some incredibly long lashes?

Chiquis did the impossible. 8

She brought the North Pole to California. As one of the lucky attendees wrote, "She said if we can't go to the North Pole, we bring the North Pole aqui!"


Chiquis and Lorenzo delivered a white Christmas party for sure. 9

They obviously went above and beyond to deliver a winter wonderland them to their guests. Their efforts did not go unnoticed.

Guests were so well coordinated Lorenzo even made a joke about it. 10

He posted this picture and captioned it: "Boy band coming soon... #ChizoXXXmas ❄️" Too funny!


Chiquis wore not one but two fabulous outfits. 11

She wore this feather trimmed gown that made her look somehow angelic and sexy at the same time. Who says winter angels can't be sexy?

And since she totally has a thing for jumpsuits, she totally wore a white one. 12

A white lace one to be exact. Chiquis is the queen of rocking jumpsuits and she always looks fantastic in them.


Evelyn Sicairo thought the party was dope. 13

The on-air personality wrote on Instagram: "Last Night was ✨Magical✨ ☃️❄️Thank You @chiquis @lorenzomendez7 for the Dopest Christmas 🎄 party! Nothing like creating memories with Incredible people! #TheMendezKnowHowToParty"

You guys, there was a polar bear! 14

To add to the North Pole vibes there a polar bear was invited. How extra is that? Very! And so perfect for pictures.


Helen Ochoa got a selfie in with Chiquis and Evelyn Sicairo. 15

The singer got all up close and personal with Chiquis and Evelyn in this picture. They are all cheek-to-cheek.

Here's a little tour of the party setup. 16

There is full on snow on the ground, more polar bears, and reindeer. It's absolutely incredible and must have taken so much effort to set up.


Was there an after party? 17

You know there was! How else is everyone supposed to get over their cruda. Here's Chiquis bonding with her brother, Michael Marin, at the after party.

All kinds of celebratory shenanigans caught on video. 18

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Entre sus invitados estuvo #BeckyG

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Suelta la Sopa posted a compilation of videos and snapshots from the party. You'll see Chiquis get down in both of her party outfits, tons of dancing, drinking for sure, and Lorenzo serenading his lady love. It's safe to say the party was a HUGE hit.


And as for cruda cures? 19

Well, there was a lot of food to be had at the after party. Like these cevicheladas that look amazing.

The only thing we don't love about Chiquis epic holiday bash? 20

That we weren't there to boogie the night away with Chiquis. Sigh, maybe next year.