The last time a Latina was crowned as Miss Universe was five years ago, in 2014. That year, Paulina Vega, who represented Colombia, won the title and her predecessor for 2013 was Gabriela Isler of Venezuela. Latinas are no strangers to the role of Miss Universe and this time around there will be 19 Latina contestants who will be participating for their chance to become the most beautiful woman on Earth and hold the title for the next 12 months. The beauty pageant will be taking place this Sunday, December 8, and the women representing Latinos are absolutely breathtaking. 

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Ximena Navarrete won the title for Mexico in 2012, following two consecutive wins for Venezuela with Stefania Fernandez and Dayana Mendoza. The Miss Universe title has also been given to Puerto Rican beauty queen Zuleyka Rivera, Amelia Vega from the Dominican Republic, Justine Pasek from Panama, Dayanara Torres from Puerto Rico and Mexico's Lupita Jones.

Miss Universe 2018 Catriona Gray will be passing down the crown on Sunday and judging by the contestants, there might be a strong chance that it's given to one of the gorgeous women representing Latin America. Scroll through to get to know the contestants ahead of the pageant, and choose your favorite. 

Meet Miss Argentina, Mariana Varela. 1

She was born 23 years ago in Burcazo, which is in Buenos Aires Province. Her main cause is ending violence against women.


Meet Miss Bolivia, Fabiana Hurtado. 2

She was born 21 years ago in Santa Cruz de la Sierra, which is the economic capital of her country. She is currently in college studying communications.


Meet Miss Brazil, Julia Horta. 3

She was born 25 years ago in Juiz de Fora and she graduated with a journalism degree in 2016. 

Meet Miss Colombia, Gabriela Tafur. 4

She was born 24 years ago in Santiago de Cali and she is a lawyer. She graduated cum laude from the Universidad de Los Andes in Bogotá.


Meet Miss Costa Rica, Paola Chacón Fuentes. 5

She was born 28 years ago in San Jose, the capital of Costa Rica, and she earned her license in business management several years ago. 


Meet Miss Chile, Geraldine González. 6

She was born 20 years ago in Santiago and she works as a volunteer with the fire department in her country's capital. 


Meet Miss Ecuador, Cristina Hidalgo. 7

She was born 22 years ago in Guayaquil and she was a professional tennis player until she was diagnosed with an autoimmune disease. 

Meet Miss El Salvador, Zuleyka Soler. 8

She was born 25 years ago in La Unión and even though her passion is art, she graduated with a communications degree. 


Meet Miss Spain, Natalie Ortega. 9

She was born 20 years ago in Barcelona and she is a model who aspires to become a teacher in the future. 

Meet Miss Honduras, Rosemary Arauz. 10

She was born 26 years ago in San Pedro Sula and she is currently in college studying public accounting and finances. 


Meet Miss Mexico, Sofía Aragón. 11

She was born 25 years ago in Guadalajara and she is a writer. She is determined to help other people who struggle with depression. 

Meet Miss Nicaragua, Inés López. 12

She was born 19 years ago in Managua and is studying international law in college. 


Meet Miss Panama, Mehr Eliezer. 13

She was born 22 years ago in New Delhi, India, but was raised in Panama. She has earned two degrees in international relations and economics from Florida State University.

Meet Miss Paraguay, Ketlin Lottermann. 14

She was born 26 years ago in Alto Parana and she works as a physiotherapist. She also volunteers at a nursing home in her city.


Meet Miss Peru, Kelin Rivera. 15

She was born 26 years ago in Arequipa and a few months ago she was named vicuna wool ambassador by the Peruvian government. She supports the communities that sell this special type of wool.

Meet Miss Puerto Rico, Madison Anderson. 16

She was born 24 years ago in Phoenix, Arizona to an American father, Adam Anderson, and a Puerto Rican mother, Belinda Berríos. Madison is currently studying marketing and public relations, but her true passion is her campaign, Metarmorfosis, that is against domestic violence.


Meet Miss Dominican Republic, Clauvid Daly. 17

She was born 18 years ago in Punta Cana and she is currently in college studying international relations and diplomacy. 

Meet Miss Uruguay, Fiona Tenuta Vanerio. 18

She was born 21 years ago in Punta del Este and she is studying business administration in college. 


Meet Miss Venezuela, Thalia Olvino. 19

She was born 20 years ago in Valencia and she has dedicated eight years of her life to synchronized swimming.

Will one of these 19 ladies take home the crown? 20

Will one of these 19 ladies take home the crown?

There is only one way to find out. Tune into the 2019 Miss Universe competition which will air live from Tyler Perry Studios in Atlanta, Georgia, on Sunday, Dec. 8, at 7 p.m. (PT/ET) on Fox.