Chiquis received an emotional phone call from her father on her wedding day


It's been months since Chiquis Rivera and Lorenzo Méndez became husband and wife, and the newlyweds are finally ready to share an inside look of their wedding day with their fans. Chiquis made it a priority to keep cameras out of her big day, but she still decided to create her own vlog to capture the best and sweetest moments. 

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The singer posted a wedding vlog titled "Mr. & Mrs. Mendez" on Monday, November 18, and it showed so many beautiful clips from the day. It was all so emotional. She captured her getting-ready process, and she shared some intimate moments where she spoke about missing her mom, Jenni Rivera; a moving phone call with her biological father; and also her and Lorenzo's first moments as a married couple.

Chiquis was surrounded by her bridesmaids.

Chiquis was surrounded by her many bridesmaids, including her little sisters, Jacqie Campos and Jenicka López. They all looked so beautiful posing for pics around the bride wearing matching silky fuchsia robes. 


Chiquis made her mom a part of her big day.

Chiquis said she felt her mother's presence all throughout her big day. She shared that she broke down in tears while she showered and was wishing her mom was with her. She said she also felt her mom's presence while she was in the car on the way to the church. Chiquis added a locket with photos of the late singer to her bouquet to keep her mom close to her heart.


Chiquis received a special phone call from her biological father.

Chiquis received a special phone call from her biological father.

Chiquis almost ruined her makeup when her sister, Jacqie, surprised her with a phone call from their father, José Trinidad Marín, who is currently serving time in jail. Her father wished her luck on her special day, and it moved the bride to tears. They might have a dark past behind them, but it must have been special to hear from her dad on her big day.

Fans hadn't seen many photos or videos of Chiquis as a bride.

Chiquis looked stunning wearing her veil and her gorgeous wedding dress. The bride wore her mother's rings, and although she was nervous, she tried her best to maintain her look. She made quite a beautiful bride.


The couple kept their special day to themselves.

Although they did film some behind-the-scenes moments from their wedding day, the couple seemed proud that they didn't sell footage of their nuptials to anyone. Even though their wedding date was leaked and the public found out when and where their celebration was taking place, they were able to keep much of their day to themselves. They shared only what they felt was appropriate and still managed to keep some of the magic private for them to share. 

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