Celebrities and fans share heartfelt messages for Walter Mercado after his death

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Multiple Latino generations are in mourning after the death of Walter Mercado. The famous astrologer died on Saturday, November 2, at age 87 in his native Puerto Rico. The news of his death became public on Sunday, November 3, leaving many of his fans and famous friends in shock. 

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He became a beloved figure in many Latino households during his television career. Among many other shows, he was a staple for 15 years on Primer Impacto. During the final segment of the news show, the astrologer would go through the daily horoscopes for the 12 zodiac signs and read them to viewers all around the world. Many fans recalled growing up with him on their TV screens and remembered being told by their mothers or grandmothers to quiet down whenever Walter came on screen. For many people, Walter was a part of their childhood, so his death is a major loss for the Latino community.

The famous astrologer's death impacted his many fans.

A hospital spokeswoman named Sofia Luquis confirmed that the astrologer died on Saturday, November 2, at the Auxilio Mutuo Hospital in San Juan, Puerto Rico. He was 87. His niece Betty Benet Mercado reportedly said that he died due to kidney failure. News of his death broke on Sunday, November 3, and celebrities and fans alike took to social media to say their final goodbyes.


Gloria Estefan declared this the end of an era.

The singer also honored the astrologer on Instagram. "It’s the end of an era," she wrote. "Rest in Peace, Walter & thank you for your beautiful spirit!"

Rosario Dawson recalled watching him with her grandmother.

The actress wrote a beautiful message for the astrologer, and although she said that they had never met, she had fond memories of her time spent with her grandmother while watching Walter on TV. 


Dascha Polanco said he was icon status.

The Orange Is the New Black actress might have never met him in person, but she recognizes the importance he had not only in the entertainment world but also in our community. Nothing binds us quite like our love for Walter Mercado and his horoscopes, right?

Perez Hilton said a tearful goodbye to the astrologer.

The media personality took to Twitter to share a video of himself crying while wearing a T-shirt with Walter's face on it. He might have been known for his love of the stars and astrology, but for many, Walter symbolized so much more. 


Actress Chrissie Fit highlighted all that he inspired us to do.

The Disney star, like many, repeated his famous catchphrase in her message. "Con mucho, mucho amor," was what he would say at the end of his segment. No matter what was in the stars for us that day, he always sent us off with love in our hearts.

Reality star Cyn Santana paid her respects.

The Love & Hip Hop star might be young, but she also recognized the astrologer's impact. Her tweet was simple, but it shows that the people's love for him has traveled from generation to generation.


He inspired many to be themselves.

Fans also took to social media to mourn his death. Many wrote about how his appearance meant a great deal, especially in our community, because he lived his truth, was bold in his style, and seemed so confident in who he was. 

Many viewed Walter as astrology royalty.

Who could forget his incredible fashion sense? No matter what you were doing, his appearance on a TV screen always commanded your attention.


He was a symbol of bravery for many.

Walter symbolized so much and was beloved by many all over the world. He will be deeply missed. 

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