Demi Lovato's nude photos were leaked by hackers & it's so wrong

Demi Lovato
Demi Lovato/Instagram

Demi Lovato is the latest addition to the growing list of celebrities to be victimized by hackers, and we are so disgusted. It was reported by Blast that her Snapchat was hacked, and then nude photos of her were posted on her own account. We can't verify that the nude photos are actually out there because there is no way that we are going to go searching for them, and neither should you. Why? Because it is more than just an invasion of Demi's privacy; it's a type of sexual abuse, and why would anyone want to further contribute to abusing Demi? 

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If you think we're exaggerating, think about it. It is not wrong or illegal for anyone to take nude photos of themselves. Demi did nothing wrong here. It is also not wrong or illegal for a consenting adult to share nude photos with another consenting adult. What is wrong is stealing nude photos of someone and sharing them without their consent. It's also wrong to look at nude photos of someone who did not consent. The keyword here is consent, consent, consent, and Demi did not consent.

Here's what allegedly happened and how people are reacting.

Here's what went down.

It was reported that after Demi's Snapchat was hacked, nude photos of her were posted on her account and were linked to a private Discord group. The initial message on the swipe-up feature read, “Join this discord server for my nudes."


Who is responsible for the hack?

Who is responsible for the hack?


The alleged hackers are known as the "Chuckling Squad." This is the same group who is said to have hacked the Twitter account of Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey. In his case, they posted a bunch of racist and anti-Semitic messages to his account.


What's going on with Demi's Snapchat account now?

Demi's team was able to regain control of her Snapchat account, and the nude images were removed. Demi herself hasn't addressed the hack.

This isn't just about Demi Lovato.

Of course, tons of fans are coming out in support of Demi Lovato, but it is important to remember that you don't have to be a fan to know that wrong is wrong is wrong.

As one Twitter user put it: "This behavior is not (and will never be) acceptable." He's right; we "really need to be better."


Oh, and please don't fall into the whole blaming the victim mentality.

Another Twitter user wrote, "don't post anything like nudes unless you want them to be seen." To that we say, "SHUT UP!" No, seriously, SHUT UP! That's just putting the blame on the victim. It's like asking what a rape victim was wearing. Uh-uh, we really need to be better.

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