Offset and Cardi B
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Cardi B turned 27 years old on October 11, and to celebrate, she's been having a good ol' time in Turks and Caicos with her hubby Offset. Cardi and Offset didn't set off on their own to celebrate her birthday. We know that Cardi's sis Hennessy Carolina and some friends came with as well. Still, Cardi and Offset found time to take some incredibly romantic photos of themselves with the help of a spectacular photographer.

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The pictures we're talking about were taken by New York City photographer Jose Guerra, also known as Mr. Guerra, and they have to be seen to be believed. He captured some truly stunning images of the couple, and we're just lucky they decided to post a few to the Gram for us to see.

Both Cardi and Offset look incredible. If we're lucky, maybe they'll post some more of the pictures from their sessions with Mr. Guerra. For now, we can enjoy the following images of the two superstars.

The caption, though! 1

Look at these two lovebirds. They look stunning, but the caption is totally blush-worthy. Offset wrote: "LET ME F*#%k IN THE OCEAN." OK, but please wait until no one is looking.


Love this picture of them holding hands. 2

The caption that Offset wrote for this one is much more PG. He wrote: "WE STAND TALL TOGETHER."


This is how Offset keeps Cardi warm when it starts to get cold. 3

Offset captioned this photo: "IT START GETTING COLD SO I PUT HER IN THE SUN ☀️." Offset’s plan seems to be working, because this picture is HOT.

What do Cardi and Offset argue about? 4

"They prayed, they got they shit together and they lived happily ever after ...until they argue about who got the best food😤New York or Atlanta?....Deff New York 🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪🤨," Cardi wrote alongside this picture. If all they are arguing about is "who got the best food," then they are doing just fine.


Wait, is Cardi checking out her own butt?! 5

So what if she is? It looks damn good. Maybe that's why she captioned this, "Ain’t no complaint."


Oh, you know, just Cardi living her best life. 6

This stunning image is a still from a video that Cardi posted of herself looking like a goddess on the beach. She looks like she could soar into the air or Offset’s arms at any minute.


And here's the man behind the camera. 7

This is Jose Guerra standing next to Cardi. He's the one we can thank for the gorgeous images of Cardi and Offset. Such a talented photographer.

In case you missed it. 8

This picture was not taken by Mr. Guerra, but we're sharing it because it's the set of rings that Offset gave Cardi during their Turks and Caicos birthday celebration. "KIDS WE DIDNT COME TO PLAY THE TITANIC DIAMOND 💎," he wrote in the caption.