Kourtney Kardashian's employee stole $5,200 from her home when her kids were around

Kourtney Kardashian/Instagram

Kourtney Kardashian learned a hard lesson about trust. The Keeping Up With the Kardashians star had to deal with someone on her team stealing from her own home. The reality star began to notice some electronics were missing from her home and in the latest episode of the E! show, she found out the woman who had allegedly been taking things from her without permission was in her home.

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That wasn't the worst part of it all. Kourtney and her ex-boyfriend and the father of her three children, Scott Disick, realized that the culprit had also been around their kids--Mason, Reign, and Penelope. Luckily for Kourtney, her little sister Khloé Kardashian had her back. 

Kourt suspected that someone was stealing from her.

Her assistant told her that she had discovered that money was missing from Kourtney's wallet. The Poosh founder was sure that she had hundreds of dollars in cash in her bag the night before. 


Kourtney suspected the woman had stolen from her and Scott.

Kourtney got her security team involved, and said that $700 had been taken from her wallet, and an addition $4,500 had also been taken from Scott's wallet. An iPad had gone missing prior to the money incident, and Kourt revealed that her security guy saw the woman in question searching through the reality star's home office with a flashlight. Khloé did not like how passive Kourtney was being about the situation and pushed her to confront the woman, who was downstairs in the home. 


Khloé urged her big sister to take action.

"Kourtney, this is your home! You have three kids that she's around, why even after one piece of information would you keep her?" the Good American founder said. "Go say something to her! Stop talking about it, let's go [mess] her up. Stand your ground, this is your home with your kids!" After the sisters went downstairs, the cameras only showed someone driving off with tires screeching and didn't reveal the person's identity.

The mom of three has to be cautious because of her kids.

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Kourt's assistant also discovered that the woman had possibly hacked the electronics in the home, including the reality star's cellphone and was perhaps able to read her text messages. This is so terrifying for someone like Kourtney who runs businesses and has people in and out of her home all of the time because of it. All of the things that were stolen can be replaced and the passwords to her accounts can be changed, but the safety of her kids should always be first priority. "The fact that she was alone with our kids!” Kourt said on the show. 


Kourtney had to cleanse her home of bad energies.

Kourtney enlisted her mom Kris Jenner and sister Khloé's help to cleanse the energy in her home. They burned sage and spread it around the house to keep away bad vibes and negative spirits. Kourtney told her assistant that in the future, anyone who comes into her home will undergo a stricter vetting process to ensure her family's safety.