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Being a mom can be tough and challenging, and even more so when you are also trying to balance a career. Our children demand so much of our time, care, and attention, but so do our jobs and our work. As time goes on, there are so many women who prove every day that doing both is possible. It might be difficult at times, but achieving success while also being a great mom is definitely doable.

There are so many powerful Latinas in Hollywood who are wonderful examples of this. Of course, they often have help with their child care, but that doesn't mean that their accomplishments are any less impressive. They have been able to manage impressive careers while also being devoted mothers to their kids. 

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Gloria Estefan, Jennifer Lopez, Eva Longoria, and other Latina moms prove that the beauty of motherhood is that it shows how much a woman is capable of doing--and sometimes doing it all at once. Hollywood is slowly being taken over by Latino stars, and it is so incredible to see women like us rising to the top. 

It's not easy to succeed in the entertainment world while also raising a family, but somehow they did it and made it look effortless. These Latinas have overcome so many obstacles to become powerful moms who are slowly but surely taking over Hollywood. 

Jennifer Lopez is one of the most famous entertainers on the planet. 1

The mom of two is so accomplished and has so much success in every area of her career. J.Lo is easily one of the most recognizable Latina stars in the world, and her reign doesn't seem to be slowing down any time soon.


Shakira is loved around the world. 2

At home she is Milan and Sasha's adorable mom, but to the rest of the world, the singer is a megastar. She is one of the most followed stars on social media and has had a career that spans decades.


Salma Hayek is beyond loved in Hollywood. 3

The Mexican actress has had such a great career and definitely has made us Latinos proud while representing us in Hollywood. Her daughter, Valentina, is a beauty and has an amazing mom to look up to.

Eva Longoria's little boy goes with her everywhere she goes. 4

Eva has been so focused since she became a mom. Just after giving birth to her son, Santi, she was back at work in front of and behind the camera, directing and working on several projects--but, of course, with Santi always by her side. 


Adamari López adores her little girl. 5

Alaïa has such a great example of a strong and powerful woman as her mom. Adamari has been through a lot in her life and continues to evolve in her career. 


Lili Estefan has had such a long-lasting TV career. 6

Lili is easily one of the most recognizable faces in Spanish-language television. She has been hosting El Gordo y La Flaca for 21 years, but her most important role has been being the mom to two gorgeous kids, who look just like her. 


Sofía Vergara is the queen of television. 7

Her rise to the top of the Hollywood ranks has been so impressive. She began her career as a model while also being mom of a young boy named Manolo, and now she is the highest-paid actress on American television. She is a queen.

María Celeste Arrarás has been dominating the news. 8

Her career as a broadcast journalist is so impressive, but so is her love and devotion to her three kids. 


María Elena Salinas is a respected broadcast journalist. 9

She has done some important and impressive work as a news anchor, representing all Latinos in the media world--all while balancing her role as a mother of two gorgeous daughters.

Chiquinquirá Delgado has two kids. 10

The Venezuelan TV presenter managed to cross over to the States and is now one of the most popular faces on Univision. Now her firstborn daughter María Elena is following in her footsteps. 


Gisele Bündchen became one of the world's most famous models. 11

She was born and raised in Brazil but became a model and actress after moving to the United States. She is an incredible model on the runway, but her love for her kids comes first. 

Roselyn Sánchez adores her two kids. 12

They are beautiful! The Puerto Rican actress has made a name for herself in Hollywood, starring in countless movies and TV shows. 


Zoe Saldana is a Hollywood powerhouse. 13

Three of the movies she has starred in have grossed more than $2 billion, making her the only actor in Hollywood to achieve this. She's a box office sweetheart, all while raising three baby boys.

America Ferrara uses her fame to represent Latinos. 14

Not only has she established herself as an actress in Hollywood, but she has also become instrumental in representing Latinos and being a voice for our people.


Kat Von D ran a makeup empire. 15

She founded her own makeup line, which was highly successful before she sold it, but seeing her as a mom to her little baby boy is truly heart-melting. 

Rosario Dawson has a long list of movies on her résumé. 16

The actress has been a part of Hollywood for such a long time and making us Latinos proud with her involvement in politics, but seeing her with her daughter Lola is the best. 


La La Anthony is making a name for herself in the acting world. 17

She is mom to a son with Carmelo Anthony. When she started her career, she was a TV host on MTV but has since gained some acting experience in various movies and television.

Jessica Alba is a true businesswoman. 18

She has had a lot of success in Hollywood, but she put her acting career aside for some time as she built an empire with The Honest Company.  


Gloria Estefan is a Latina legend. 19

Gloria Estefan is a Latina legend.

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The mom of two is one of our most beloved stars. The Cuban star accomplished so much in her career, and now her daughter, Emily, is following in her footsteps as a singer.