Alex Rodriguez jennfer lopez selfie
Alex Rodriguez/Instagram

Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez have quickly risen to the top of the list of Hollywood's most beloved couples. The engaged pair started dating in 2017, and from the start, their pics of their adventures together have been inspiring people to make them their new "relationship goals."

It doesn't matter what they are doing--from lavishly traveling the world together or hitting a red carpet--these two never forget to snap a photo or two of themselves to document the best moments of their union. It's been such a wonderful journey to witness their love and how they have grown together, not only as a couple but also as a family. 

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The best part about their relationship is that they have not been shy about sharing some of their sweetest, most personal moments with their millions of fans. The social media savvy couple are super into selfies and they don't like to hoard them--they share the wealth. They often post the cutest pics together on Instagram and make their fans gush over their love. 

Just looking at them together gives us all major inspiration that true love does exist. There's nothing cuter than a couple selfie and Alex and Jen have given us quite a lot. Scroll through to see the best pics they have shared on Instagram.

Jennifer was honored for her iconic style in 2019. 1

The couple took gorgeous photos together on the red carpet at the 2019 CFDA awards, but this intimate moment of them in their car beats them all. Just look at how she looks at him!


They look just as in love no matter where they are. 2

Jen and Alex posed for a golden hour selfie as the sun set behind them in Saint-Tropez, France. They need to share their skin care routine because both of them look flawless.


They have the best date nights together. 3

While most couples go for a dinner and a movie on their dates, J.Lo and Alex go to the Oscars. And they complemented each other so well. 

He is always by her side, letting her shine. 4

This photo is all about the lighting. But more importantly, Alex snapped this selfie so he could congratulate his lady on her big performance at Madison Square Garden during her It's My Party tour in 2019. So cute!


They live such a luxurious life together. 5

This shot just screams rich. The couple vacationed around Monte Carlo, Monaco, and looked so chic together while on a boat.


This pic of them shopping together is so cute. 6

Alex got his revenge on all the times he accompanied J.Lo during her shopping trips. He captioned this cute pic: "Oh how the tables have turned 😏 My turn to shop. How long should I make her tag along?"

These two even make parenting fun. 7

They had some fun during a visit to their kids' school and took this funny selfie. "Can you get detention at Parent Teacher Day? Asking for the friend behind me," he captioned the pic.

The couple take the best vacation pics. 8

They have their best angles all figured out! "Jerusalem, you are unforgettable. What a perfect finale to our first trip to this beautiful land," Alex captioned this selfie.


Alex shared this pic just two days before popping the question. 9

Alex convinced his lady to go on a weekend getaway in March, and that's when he surprised her with a proposal. Little did she know that this would be one of their last pics as just boyfriend and girlfriend.

These two love laughing together. 10

A-Rod is always by his lady's side during her big career moments, but he also takes the time to make their experiences super fun, no matter where they are.


Their time together is so full of love. 11

The couple is not afraid of showing some PDA for the world to see. They shared a sweet smooch in this Instagram pic, and you can tell they are in love.

They have had some hot moments too. 12

A-Rod proudly showed off how good his lady looks in a bikini, and left all of their fans in awe. He's a lucky guy!


These two know car selfies are a must! 13

J.Lo was serving such a fierce face and her hat took over most of the shot, but Alex looked so happy to be her Grammys date. 

Mirror selfies are everything. 14

This is one of their best pics ever. Jen shared this post-Grammys mirror selfie and captioned it: "At the end of the night, it’s just us...🖤 #Grammys2019 #ANighttoRemember @arod."