Jennifer Lopez's 'Hustlers' becomes the most successful live-action movie of her career

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If you're at all superstitious, Friday the 13th might not seem like the most favorable time to open a movie that isn't a horror movie, but that didn't stop the much anticipated film Hustlers from killing it at the box office this weekend. Not only did the film bring in almost three times as much money as it was expected to bring in on its opening weekend, it also set an opening record for STX Entertainment and Jennifer Lopez's live-action films.

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Let's talk about cold hard cash, because that's a big part of the film, and it's also how Hollywood measures the success of a film. To start off, the movie was projected to make $12.2 million on opening weekend. Instead, it made $33.2 million, which marks a record opening for STX. It also marks a personal live-action movie best for Jennifer by beating the opening of Monster-in-Law in 2005, which brought in $26.5 million on its opening.

Jennifer is all "OMG" over the success of the film's opening.

Jennifer posted a quote on her Instagram story from a Deadline piece by Anthony D' Alessandro that points out that "Hustlers reps a record opening for STX, Jennifer Lopez’s live-action fare (beating 2005’s Monster in Law at $23.1M)." She's clearly not taking any of this success for granted.


And it's not just about the money for Jennifer; it's about finally getting credit.

We're sure the financial success of the movie makes Jennifer happy, but what has to make her even happier is the praise that she is getting for her acting chops in the film. How great it must have been for Jennifer to read these words written by Pete Hammond for his review in Deadline:

All hail JLo, who manages to bring Hustlers up a few notches and marks a career best as her sheer force of personality and savvy, as well as often unfairly underrated acting ability that could put her in a pole (sorry) position this awards season.


And the rave reviews just keep on coming.

According to a review by Angelica Jade Bastién in VultureJennifer is so damn good in the movie that she barely has to move to be riveting because "Lopez is a goddess and a general, a woman in full control of her body and the story it tells. And the body never lies." 

The crazy thing is that Jennifer is actually more of a supporting character in the film.

The real "lead" of the movie is Constance Wu as Destiny. Pete Hammond wrote for Deadline: "That it works as well as it does is a tribute to some smart scripting by Scafaria and splendid acting all around, particularly Lopez who steals it lock, stock and barrel. Actually her character is really supporting in the story line to Constance Wu’s Destiny, a wide-eyed newcomer to the scene who Ramona takes under her wing."


In conclusion, can we all agree on one thing?

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The year 2019 should officially go down in history as the year that Jennifer Lopez could do no wrong. The woman has been killing it all year long. She got engaged to Alex Rodriguez, she went on tour to celebrate turning 50, her movie Hustlers is getting rave reviews and making tons of money, and the year isn't even close to being over. All hail Jennifer Lopez, the Queen of 2019!

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