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Cardi B's road to the top seems like it has been smooth and moving at lightning speed, but she definitely has had her fair share of bumps along the way. While the rapper seems to be beloved by millions of fans around the world, who make her albums climb the charts and her songs go to No. 1, there are also people who haven't been too fond of her along the way. 

The rapper has dealt with plenty of feuds inside the music industry already and it seems like it is just beginning. Her beef with Nicki Minaj became one of the biggest news stories of 2018 and even ended in an altercation between the two at a party. Sounds crazy, right?

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Cardi's rags-to-riches story has come at a price. She has had to deal with plenty of haters along the way and people who constantly question her and her talent. The rapper knows how to stand up for herself though, and doesn't let people bring her down. No matter who stands in her way, Cardi finds a way to block out the negative and continues to rise to the top. 

Nicki is just one of several rappers who have tried to start feuds with Cardi, as well as some fan bases, and even the law. Scroll through to see the many feuds Cardi B has had to deal with since the start of her music career. 

Her feud with Nicki Minaj got out of hand. 1

Her feud with Nicki Minaj got out of hand.

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Rappers feuding is a tale as old as time. Rarely though, does the feud get as out of hand as Nicki Minaj's feud with Cardi B. The pair not only exchanged remarks on social media, but they also had a physical altercation in 2018. 


She got into a heated argument with a reporter from "El Gordo y La Flaca." 2

Things got a bit intense between reporter Gelena Solano and Cardi B when the TV personality attempted to get an interview with the rapper on the streets of New York City. Cardi asked not to be filmed since she didn't have her hair and makeup done, but after Gelena insisted, all hell broke loose. 


Tekashi 6ix9ine is definitely on her bad side. 3

Rapper Tekashi 6ix9ine had to testify under oath as part of a case against two alleged gang members in September 2019. During the trial, the rapper said that Cardi B was part of the New York City gang Nine Trey Gangster Bloods. Cardi denied the claims. 

Azealia Banks spoke her mind about Cardi. 4

During an appearance on the radio show The Breakfast Club in 2018, Azealia said Cardi was a "caricature of a black woman," and said she was "illiterate, untalented rat." Cardi fired back before temporarily deleting her Instagram account: "I'm from the hood. I speak how I speak I am how I am. I did not choose to be famous people choose me! People followed me on Instagram and the people gave me a platform to introduce my talent," Cardi wrote. "GOODBYE. Im not apologizing or kill myself because of who I am."


A group of kid rappers came out with a Cardi B diss track. 5

A group of young boys released a diss track on YouTube about the rapper. "I'm not going to let no little f--king white boys come at me all day long. Stay in your place, go drink your milk," she said on Instagram Live. She later said she wasn't directing her comments at the kids.


Things with her husband Offset were rocky at times. 6

Things with her husband Offset were rocky at times.

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After several cheating rumors and allegations, Cardi and Offset called it quits. There were videos of the rapper hanging out with other women while he was with Cardi and it caused the couple to split in December 2018. They reconciled shortly after.


Travis Scott's fans lashed out at Cardi B. 7

Cardi B won the Grammy for best rap album in 2019 for Invasion of Privacy. Although almost no one had any idea, rapper Travis Scott was seemingly upset about losing to her in the category for his album Astroworld. When his documentary Look Mom I Can Fly premiered on Netflix later in 2019, it showed scenes of the rapper's disappointment. His fans took to social media to express how Cardi didn't deserve the award, so she was forced to defend herself and her win. 

Baddie G and Jade got Cardi in major trouble. 8

The sisters were bartenders at a strip club Cardi B visited with her crew when a fight broke out. The models claim the rapper ordered her people to attack them, reportedly because they had been involved with her husband.


Cardi now has some drama with the law. 9

Cardi now has some drama with the law.

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After the altercation at the club, Cardi had to turn herself in into the NYPD and has to continue making court appearances regarding the case. 

Doja Cat landed in hot water for imitating Cardi. 10

She was on Instagram Live in August 2019 when she started mocking the way Cardi raps in her song "Press." Cardi responded saying people do anything for attention, but Doja was quick to defend herself. "Not that this song isn't fire -- this song is so fuego," she said. "I love Cardi B."