Jennifer Lopez shows how she mastered the pole dance for her 'Hustlers' movie

jennifer lopez hustlers dancing
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Jennifer Lopez fully commits to anything she does. For her role as exotic dancer Ramona in her upcoming film Hustlers, instead of using a body double, Jen took it upon herself to become an expert in the art of pole dancing. And she did. 

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While many may think that being a pole dancer is easy, it is actually an activity that requires a lot of physical strength, coordination, and endurance. On top of that, a person must make the moves look sexy and appealing in order to captivate the audience. Jen did just that, but in a behind-the-scenes YouTube video she shared of her learning process, she shows that it takes a lot of practice to make stripping look perfect. 

She landed a spin on the first try!

Being the perfectionist and professional dancer that she is, J.Lo wasted no time in getting on the pole and trying out the moves. She landed a turn on her first try and made it look so easy. It also helps that she is in great shape, because a turn like this takes a lot of upper-body and core strength. 


But even J.Lo falls down sometimes.

Of course, this type of strenuous activity comes with its dangers. During one particular move, Jen lost her balance and fell forward. It's all part of the job! She also endured some heavy bruising around her inner thighs, but she handled it all like a pro. 


Soon enough, she began gliding and floating on the pole like a true exotic dancer.

Not only did Jen learn the basic moves, but she pulled out some expert-level tricks as well. It might have taken some time, and she even called it "the hardest anything" she's ever learned. "I've gotten cuts and bruises for movies, but I've never been bruised like this for anything I've ever done," she said in the clip. 

The behind-the-scenes clip even showed her filming the movie's scene.

And she rocked it! Everyone on the production team looked stunned at how well Jen pulled off the moves and how convincing she was for the role. She is a true star and can really take on any task that's placed before her! The clip features the moment she filmed the dance number, and it definitely looks like a must-see. Catch Hustlers in theaters on Friday, September 13.