Having pride in where you come from says a lot about a person. No one represents their country with more love and pride than Colombians. Every time the country's independence rolls around on July 20th, or whenever their national football team plays, no matter where you are in the world, you can always spot some bright yellow, blue, and red jerseys. 

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Colombians love where they come from and they proud of their culture, their food, their music, and most of all, the people. Celebrities who come from the South American nation are always proud to give their country a shoutout and to represent it, no matter how big their stage is. Stars like J Balvin, Shakira, and Sofía Vergara have taken the Colombian flag and planted it so high the world can't help but stare. Scroll through to see other stars who are proud to be Colombian. 

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Shakira can easily be named as one of the most famous Colombians. 1

Shakira can easily be named as one of the most famous Colombians.

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The singer has become one of the most popular musicians in the world. Through her crossover into the English market, she made sure to shine the light on her native country and represented it all the way. 


Sofía Vergara made sure her country was represented. 2

Sofía Vergara made sure her country was represented.

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When she landed the lead role as Gloria in Modern Family, the actress made sure that her character's background was the same as hers. She had Gloria's background changed from Mexican to Colombian, so the show shed a light on Colombian culture and its customs. 


J Balvin is proud of Colombia, no matter how far he goes. 3

It seems like it is the reggaetonero's main goal to lift his country and its people as high as they can go. No matter what he's doing or where he is, he always reps Colombia to the fullest.

Maluma is one of Colombia's most famous faces. 4

In just a few short years, the singer has made a name for himself as the pretty boy from Colombia. He also reps his country in every way, and his mission is to give back to his people in any way he can.


Karol G is proud of her roots. 5

Karol G is making a name for herself as a woman in the reggaeton world. She is doing so by making the people of the city where she was born and raised, Medellin, proud. 


James Rodríguez is one of the most recognized faces in soccer. 6

The young Colombian soccer star is known as one of the country's strongest players. There is no way to look at him and not picture him in his bright yellow jersey.


Juanes makes Colombia proud. 7

The singer has traveled all over the world performing his hit songs and making the world dance with his Colombian sound.

No one lights up the stage quite like Carlos Vives. 8

For decades, the singer has been creating upbeat music that makes us dance. He makes his music while proudly waving his country's flag for the world to see.


John Leguizamo is so proud of his roots. 9

John Leguizamo is so proud of his roots.

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The actor has shaken things up in Hollywood and is always representing his Latino roots. He's one of Colombia's most famous actors and he is surely proud of where he comes from.

Catherine Siachoque represents the beautiful women of Colombia so well. 10

The actress has become a staple in Colombian television. She was born in Bogotá, and she represents the beauty that Colombian women are known for. 


The gorgeous Ximena Duque is a proud Colombian. 11

Ximena has been shining on the small screen and making a name for herself in the acting world. She is proud to be Colombian and her people are just as proud of her.

Fanny Lu is one of Colombia's sweethearts. 12

The singer's upbeat and warm personality is so representative of her people. Fanny Lu quickly stole people's hearts while making sure they know where she comes from. 


Fonseca honors Colombia through his music. 13

Any song by Fonseca sounds like you took a trip down to Colombia. His mix of Cumbia and Vallenatos are so symbolic of the country's culture and the singer has taken it all across the world.